SK Electronics
Scott Kreutzberg

As a musician and music lover, the sound system on my boat has always been a priority. When I bought my 26′ Boston Whaler from Larry Russo, I told him that I wanted “a good sounding stereo that was loud enough to hear the music even when the twin 200 HP Merc’s were running wide open” – little did I know just how loud those bad boys howled at 5500 RPM’s!

Larry delivered and thus began my love affair with music on my boat. Mean Kitty took marine sound to the next level with 3 JL amps, 6 midrange speakers, twin 10″ subs, and thousands of watts of power. Unfortunately, Eagle Marine (the Hydrasport Dealer who sold me Mean Kitty), didn’t have a lot of experience in high end marine sound systems.

Mattapoisett Boat Yard helped a little, but they bottomed out as well. I searched everywhere and found some good guys in Dennis, but I had to pay them $150 just to travel to Mattapoisett.

Tenacity was a whole new beast. Not only did I need an equally powerful, but more refined stereo, but also full offshore cruising electronics (GPS, Radar, AIS, etc). I hit up the old Internet trying to find the guys in Dennis and discovered SK Electronics located right next door in New Bedford.

The first thing that impressed me about SK Electronics was their showroom. This is an expense that most small electronics companies skip. Not only did Scott have a neat showroom, but it was stocked with some of the latest gear.

Note the care Scott puts into wiring the power amps in the ship’s hold (where no one can even see them)

The second thing that impressed me was Scott’s background. Scott worked an Electronic Technician at Hinckley Yachts for 5 years doing installation and upgrades. As any boater knows, Hinckley is considered one of the top yacht makers in the world and you don’t get that reputation unless your electronics are flawless.

Scott equipped Tenacity and Vigilant. The installation work was first class and more importantly, he has always been there to answer questions or teach me how to get the most from my gear.

Scott stays on top of his industry. On multiple occasions, I have asked him to install some new piece of gear and he’s told me “wait until I get back from the show in Florida, I think there’s something better coming out”.

Since discovery SK, I’ve introduced him to the boys at Mattapoisett Boatyard and now I frequently see his van their doing work on other boats.

SK covers all of Buzzards Bay and beyond. If you’re in the market for a full electronics installation, upgrade, or just a new piece of gear, I strongly recommend SK Electronics.