Falmouth is a great Dock and Dine venue, especially for midweeks or early arrivals on Weekends. It’s also a good place to go if you want a little exercise before and after lunch – downtown is about a mile from the town tie-ups.

During the summer, there is pseudo trolley that runs up and down through Falmouth, but I’ve never actually taken it.

I’ve now dined there 3 times since my first visit in 2014.

Here is my first review from YELP

Our lunch at Anejo’s was a bit serendipitous. We actually went to The Pickle Jar for lunch (based on 4 1/2 star Yelp reviews). We walked out after 5 different servers offered to help us, but none did!

Anyway, we took a left and walked down the street until we came to Anejo’s. It was already fairly crowded and everyone looked like they were enjoying their lunch so we went in and sat at the bar.

Perhaps the best House Margarita ever!

I’m not a big Margarita guy and when I do order one, I usually ask for some fancy smancy tequila, but for some reason I just ordered their House version and it was outstanding.

They quickly brought out some incredible homemade chips and salsa and at that point I knew we were staying for lunch.

My guests ordered The Baja Tacos, The Blackened Mahi-Mahi Tacos, The Taco Salad with Carne Asada , and I ordered the Nachos with Mexican Chorizo.

Everything showed up with great presentation and everyone raved about the food.

Nothing like a typical order of nachos…

My nachos were equally awesome. Rather than a typical pile of chips with Mexican stuff tossed on top and melted cheese, these were more like little open faced tacos.

There were about 8 large chips and each one was “hand built” with the appropriate amount beans, tomatoes, cheese, chorizo, jalapenos, and lettuce. I topped them off with a little more homemade salsa and enjoyed one of the best Mexican dishes I’ve ever eaten.

The doors opening on the street are very California

By the way, the atmosphere was terrific with glass doors opening to the street side tables which are gated just the right amount to separate diners from the sidewalk. The gentle sea breeze, Salsa music, and great margarita’s made me feel like I was somewhere on the west coast of the Baja Peninsula.

It’s worth mentioning that I live 75 miles from Mexico 6 months a year in a golf town full of authentic Mexican restaurants. I can honestly say that my lunch at Anejo’s was as good a rendition of Mexican food as I have ever enjoyed.

If you’re near East Falmouth, forget the Fried Clams and Chowda. Head to Anejo’s for some of the best Mexican food ANYWHERE!