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Mattapoisett Boatyard
Dave and Ned Kaiser

Mattapoisett Boatyard old days
Mattapoisett Boatyard in The Good Old Days

I was 13 the first time I set foot on MBY. I was with my father Clyde and he was about to buy a Thunderbird from Russo Marine. He was pumping Ned’s grandfather Art McLean for a better price. Unlike today, when MBY is pretty much all storage, back then they were doing more equipment sales. We never bought an outboard for the Thunderbird, but I think we did buy a couple of small engines years later.

Fast forward to 2015. We were negotiating with Boston Yacht Sales for a new Back Cove 37 Downeast. Mike Myers told me that Burr Brothers was authorized to do service which was nice, but I had taken The Mean Kitty over to MBY a few times and I really liked their responsiveness (which is huge in the short boating season in Buzzard’s Bay).

Joyce Richards (at BYS) spoke to Back Cove and set up an interview for MBY to see if they could also become authorized. They did and they’ve been my Back Cove service provider ever since.

But they are much more than that. They are truly partners with their customers. If you have a problem with your boat, they consider it their problem too. Unlike yards like Burr Brothers or McDougalls, who work on a strict “first come served” basis, Dave and Ned undertake the impossible by jugging priorities and resources every minute of every day.

This may mean that if someone’s boat is dead in the water and you need a gelcoat repair, you might have to wait until they get the poor DOA going, but that’s how they operate.

They offer a lot of services (see their website), but on top of that, they always seem to “know a guy” who can do anything they can’t.