For years, I never tried to Dock & Dine at Edgartown. I think it was because a friend of mine told me you had to drop and anchor and wade to shore and that wasn’t happening.

I was also nervous about going any further than Oaks Bluff because of my bad experience in the Whaler off West Chop. So every time we went to Edgartown, we took a town mooring at Oak’s Bluff and then took the MV Bus to Edgartown.

Seafood Shanty Mean Kitty
The Edgartown Town Dock with the Seafood Shanty in the background

The first time out in the Mean Kitty with the McGrath family, Gary talked me into trying to go all the way to Edgartown. When we got there, I found an outstanding town dock with room for four boats. The old harbormaster charged me $15/hour and I gave him $40 and I think I could have easily stayed all day!

Interestingly, the first time we went to Edgartown was also with the McGrath’s (via Oak Bluffs and the bus). We were wandering around looking for a place to have lunch and Gary said, “What about this place?”

And with that The Seafood Shanty became the one and only place I’ve ever eaten lunch at Edgartown.

Our other family – The McGraths at The Shanty

The food is quite good and more importantly, they have a menu that suits a wide variety of pallets. Of course they have chowder, fried clams, and other standard seaside fare. They also have sushi and unique dishes like Lobster Quesadilla which was once featured on Rachel Ray’s $30 Day.

My go-to meals tend to be Buffalo Wings – done right, not breading and hot sauce on the side and the Fried Haddock Sandwich – I huge piece of fish, great fries, skip the roll.

Their Fried Calamari is also first class. If I’m feeling naughty, I love to order the calamari and a side basket of fries – one basket can easily feed four people.

I’ve tasted Gary’s Fried Clams which are classically prepared. The RR Lobster Quesadilla is tasty, but rather small. Their sleeper is the Lobster Roll which is as good as the iconic Chartroom’s but about $5 cheaper.

The Million Dollar View from the Shanty bar

As good as the food and menu is, the real gem for the Seafood Shanty is the seaside atmosphere upstairs. Photos don’t do it justice, but imagine a bar with the breeze blowing through and the entire wall facing Katama Bay is open to a deck full of tables with umbrellas.

I’ve been fortunate to dine at many great seafood eateries; places like Lahaina’s Cheeseburgers in Paradise, Gladstones in Malibu, and Jakes in Del Mar. All are great, but I’d take the vibe upstairs in the Shanty any day.

I may try another restaurant in Edgartown one day, but maybe not!