Having been born in Nova Scotia, my father Clyde always loved sailing. In the 60’s, he rented a Bullseye for a few weeks and also a Corinthian. Both were classic sloops capable of handling the typical afternoon blow of Buzzards Bay.

When I was in high school, Clyde was making good money and decided to buy a Sunfish on a total whim. It originally had a yellow sail, but that got torn away in a hurricane and replaced with a green one.

Although Clyde owned two real sailboats later in life, I think he enjoyed taking off by himself with a couple of cans of Milwaukee’s Best and a cigar.

I took my first sailing lesson in 1960 from Rhoda Hinckels in a Beetle Cat. Back then, there was a very active Yacht Club at Point Connett and they raced Beetle Cats every Saturday and Sunday.

Today, they still race, but now it’s Sunfish, not Beetles…

I think I really learned how to sail in our Sunfish and my brothers may have raced her over at Point Connett after I went to college.

I recommend a Sunfish for anyone who wants to learn how to sail, just make sure you know how to swim first!