If you find the crowds at Hadley’s disrupting your inner peace, give Quissett a try. It is in Buzzards Bay, just north of Woods Hole.

Hang a right after the entrance to Quissett Harbor for a nice little gunkhole that looks up at the Woods Hole Golf Course

There is plenty of water entering the harbor. As far as a Gunkhole goes, I like to take a right once you enter and drop an anchor looking up the hill at the 18th hole on the Woods Hole Golf Course.

Depending on whether you have a Southeast or a Southwest wind, you may need to get pretty far inside the harbor to stay out of the wind.

Before anchoring, I suggest a quick spin to the left down to the old waterfront village behind the Quissett Harbor Boatyard. As inviting as it looks, don’t even think about tying up there!

The Quissett Harbor Boatyard

It’s still nice eye candy. As you may the loop to head back toward the golf course, you may also see the some townfolks hanging out in chairs on the sad little beach. I don’t know the story, but I did go by one hot Friday afternoon and counted of 25 people of all ages enjoying themselves.

The other nice thing about Quissett is that it’s only about 5 miles south of the entrance to Redbrook Harbor. This makes it a nice before or after stop for a Dock and Dine at The Chartroom.