This is quickly becoming my Sunday afternoon hang-out. My friends Ken Richard and Neal McCarthy seem to have a standing gig there from 3-6 on Sundays, it’s seldom crowded around 3:00 and they have a limited free Dock and Dine deal going with South Wharf (just make sure you bring plenty of dockhand tip cash).

Not only does the Sail Loft have all that going on, but they also serve great mid afternoon food. I say mid afternoon food because their dinner menu doesn’t start until 5:00, but they’re still plenty of stuff to chose from.

By the way, the Sail Loft isn’t alone serving a limited menu in the late afternoon. I know the Chartroom is the same way and I suspect others as well.

Anyway, back to the food…

I’ve never had anything that wasn’t prepared perfectly. Mrs’s Horne loves Edamame as a light appetizer and while it’s not something I’d order, I do find it tasty.

The last two weeks I had the Fish Tacos and the Portuguese Flatbread. Both were great tasting and carefully made.

The Fish Tacos – Cornbread Encrusted Haddock
The Portuguese Flatbread – Chorizo, Caramelized Onions,

The Caesar was properly prepared, garlicky, and Mrs. Horne’s favorite.

By the way, if you’re a fan of garlic and Portuguese Chorizo, you’ll probably love The Sail Loft Mussels, I did (although Mrs. Horne felt they were a tad heavy). She did love the garlic toast (there were two pieces when the dish was served, but one instantly went in someone’s belly).

If you’re hankering for Fish and Chips, the Fried Fish Sandwich will do the trick; I’ve had them a few times. They offer a full bar and feature a half a dozen micro brews on tap.

Great food, free dock and dine, and live local music — I guess that’s why I’m hanging there these days!