As overnight cruising venues go, this spot is clearly my #1 favorite. Since staying her for the first time last June, we’ve returned 3 other times. I’d also say it’s our preferred destination for showing our friends Newport. We’ve been here with Gail & Rudy, Peter & Mary Lee, and Gary & Amy. The last time we even brought our Westie Daisy.

It’s just very centrally located, just south of Bowens Wharf, which is probably where most of the action is found in Newport. I have never stayed at Bowen’s, but a friend did and said it was noisy late at night.

In terms of seaside eateries, it’s very close to The Mooring (#2 of 221 on Yelp), Midtown Oyster Bar (#7 of 221), and Fluke Wine Bar (#9 of 221). I also love that it’s a short walk to The Landing which is a little crazy, but one of the few spots in New England with live music in the afternoons.

I booked our first stay on their website primarily because of their weather friendly 72 hour no charge cancellation policy. I understand why some spots start charging you 14 or even 30 days out, but it’s kind of a bummer for most of us fair weather cruisers. The last few times, I’ve used Dockwa because they save all my information making it a 3 click process.

In terms of pricing, I’ve seen prices as low as $125 (for 41′ Vigilant) in May and September, but my prime-time August reservation is $266 plus electricity. Still, not bad for waterfront accommodations in downtown Newport at the peak of the summer season. I’d say they’re close to the top rate in Newport, but I know 41 North is about 20% more.

NYC is very easy to work with. I hailed them on Ch.9 once I got inside the harbor and they directed me to a slip. I like that they are all finger piers which means you don’t have another boat staying right next to you. I also like that they give us the choice of bow-in or bow-out. This way we can pick the view we want and/or stay in/out of the prevailing wind.

By the time you reach your assigned spot, they’ll have dockhands standing by to tie you up and hook up your power.

Beyond the great location and service, NYC features a couple of great outdoor lounge areas for just hanging out and taking in the view. I could see this really coming in handy for groups of boats looking for a single spot to hang out and enjoy the afternoon or sunset.

Other Considerations:

  1. The NYC also hosts The Bohlin, which is the major waterfront wedding venue in Newport. Wedding crashers seem to stay near the big tent, but it does mean you’ll hear dance music after dark. I’m not sure when they call it quits, but I’ve heard it after 10:00 PM. If you like wedding music, this could be a plus. Below deck in Tenacity, it was barely audible.
  2. The showers are located in the keylock coded bathrooms. They have full privacy curtains with room to change and hang your clothes. I’d give them a B+, but if you’re a shower snob, you may want to pay the extra $50 for the fully private locking bath & shower at 41 North.
  3. As I said, it’s a short walk to multiple bars and restaurants, but there aren’t any directly on the wharf. Again, 41 North has a very impressive outdoor bar and lounge, but it’s also pricey. For me, I prefer the short walk to Bowens, etc.

Finally, all the people who work there are both helpful and genuinely friendly. Even better, if you get their are the right time, they’ll hand you some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!

How can you beat that?