We just concluded a highly enjoyable weekend hosting three of our favorite couples. It was an interesting weekend from the boating perspective. Each day looked like a “Perfect 10” around 9:00 AM and each turned into days you wouldn’t dare go boating on by afternoon.

Friday, we met Peter and Mary Lee at the Mattapoisett Boat Yard and headed to The Chartroom for a relaxing cocktail out on the Adirondack chairs, followed by lunch featuring my usual Steamers and Reuben on Portuguese Bread.

The return gave me a good feel for Vigilant in heavy seas. The first 10 minutes coming out of Redbrook was 4-5′ step chop. I took it down to 15 MPH and no one spilled their drinks.

On Saturday, John and Dee joined the four of us and we made our 2017 maiden visit to Edgartown and The Seafood Shanty. We docked at The Harborside and got outstanding service from Barry (Dock and Dine review to follow).

We arrived around 11:30 and docked with the stern facing Edgartown Harbor. There was no wind, warm sun (for a change) and we all hung out on the back of Vigilant enjoying our “It’s 5:00 Somewhere” cold one.

Despite my better judgement, I let everyone talk me into sitting outside on the 2nd floor deck at the Shanty. I prefer the tall tables in the bar and I now realize why. Outside, you really can’t take in the view due to the high railings around the deck.

No sooner did we sit down and the warm sun drifted behind menacing clouds, the wind picked up and suddenly, it felt like we were back in the mid 50’s. As soon as my Fish and Chips arrived, I wolfed them down (before the got cold) and headed back to Vigilant for warmth and shelter.

By now, it was raining. I fired up the generator, turned on the heater, and watched the 3rd round of The Memorial on TV while everyone else went shopping.

We buttoned everything up and rode home in moderate chop (2-3 footers) and heavy rain. Miraculously, about 2 miles from home, the wind died and the sun came out! We ended up sitting out on the deck and enjoying a fairly warm sunset.

Just like Friday and Saturday, Sunday started out with perfect weather. Our first four guests where headed home, so it was just Gail, Rudy, and Mrs. Horne for the day. We’d never taken them to Vineyard Haven, so that became the day’s mission.

After a ridiculously smooth ride over, we hailed the Black Dog Wharf on Channel 72 and were directed to the head of the pier to tie up. We pretty much followed my open piling docking procedure detailed in The Black Dog Wharf Dock and Dine report.

No Lunch at Noon!

It was 11:30, but we were hungry, so we headed straight for the Tavern and grabbed a table for 4 on the window overlooking the beach.

We then opened the menus and discovered all they were serving was breakfast.

The host informed us that the only serve breakfast before noon and then they close for an hour and open for lunch at 1:00!

I’ve never heard of a lunch restaurant that’s closed from noon to 1:00, but that’s the way it is on Sunday.

Mrs. Horne was craving a cheeseburger, so we decided to head downtown and come back later.

Susan Black Dog Wharf
The Lovely Mrs. Horne in her new Black Dog top

On the way out, we all noticed that the breakfast dishes everyone was enjoying looked incredible. We will be back!

After a leisurely shopping trip downtown, we returned to Vigilant and soaked up the summer sun waiting for 1:00 PM to arrive.

My Black Dog Tavern Review

Thanks for reading my tales of the sea and finally getting to my review!

Black Dog Tavern
Classically Cape Cod Quaint

As you pass the Black Dog Shack on the pier, you can’t help but be struck by how absolutely quaint the entire “Black Dog Campus” is and the restaurant is even more so.

Once again, we got a window table looking over the beach, which gave us a totally picturesque view of the Wharf, Vigilant, and the Black Dog Tall Ships in the background.

Black Dog Wharf 4

Now to the food…

Black Dog Tavern Grilled Salmon BLT
The Grilled Salmon BLT

Rudy ordered the Salmon BLT ($18.50). Of everything we enjoyed yesterday, this was clearly the most interesting. Who puts bacon and salmon in the same sandwich? As you might guess, it was an incredible combination.

The salty fresh taste of the BLT on top of savory taste of the grill salmon and the crunchy ciabatta roll.

Black Dog Tavern Sarah
Our wonderful Server Sarah!

Although Rudy had ordered the standard house fries, he received the Sweet Potato ones instead ($2 up charge).

Since I was planning to mooch some of Rudy’s fries, I quickly pointed our the error. And just before our server (Sarah) grabbed Rudy’s plate to take it back, I stopped and said “why don’t just bring us a side of fires”, which she did.

Black Dog Tavern Fried Oyster Appetizer
The Fried Oyster Appetizer

I ordered my usual Fried Oysters ($17.00) which was only offered as an appetizer.

Still, combined with the house fries I stole from Rudy, it was really a generous portion that would have been fine as a full lunch order.

They were very tasty, but a bit more like Fried Clams than the incredible Fried Oysters I had at The Midtown Oyster Bar in Newport.

And finally, both Mrs. Horne and her sister Gail ordered the Mushroom Swiss Burger ($15.50) with Sweet Potato Fries.

The burger was perfectly done. The salty grill flavor you expect was fully present, but not overpowering.

Black Dog Tavern Swiss Cheese Burger
The Swiss Burger

I find that Sweet Potato Fries are a bit of a crap shoot. Unlike white potatoes, sweet potatoes don’t crisp up naturally and require 2-3 fries to get the kind of crunch everyone expects in a fry.

The Black Dog’s Sweet Potato Fries are unique in that they’re shoestrings and I must say, perfected fried.

One More Crazy Ride Home

By the time we returned to Vigilant, the warm sun was gone, the skies were gray, and wind was kicking up to 20 knots. I forgot to mention that our return trips on both Saturday and Sunday occurred during that wrong tides for Vineyard Sound. When the tide turning and the wind driven chop are working in harmony, 3′ chop can become 5′ or more.

Although not as large as the ones coming out of Redbrook on Friday, the angle was almost dead off the port side, which led to excessive rolling (but no pounding).

Once I got back to Buzzards Bay, I turned downwind toward Marion by about 30 degrees and the ride quickly smoothed out. It did add 10 minutes to our ride home, but everyone agreed it was worth the detour.

All and all, it was superb weekend and I can’t wait to try The Black Dog Tavern for breakfast…