As I’ve mentioned a few times, Newport had become my favorite “One Night Cruise” destination from Buzzards Bay. It’s a comfortable 2+ hour cruise and since the majority of the travel occurs outside of Buzzards Bay, there’s not a lot of chop once we clear New Bedford Harbor.

I’m an early riser no matter where I sleep and although the master stateroom on Vigilant is fairly dark, 6:00 AM is about my limit. This means patiently sitting around and drinking coffee until the rest of the crew is ready for breakfast.

I’m good with all that, but it does tend to build my expectations for a great breakfast!

It’s tough to articulate what separates a great breakfast restaurant from the rest of the pack. Atmosphere always counts for something, but I feel cheated if the food doesn’t live up to the setting.

As they say, “breakfast is breakfast” and let’s face it, there is only so much you can do with eggs! That said, I do appreciate an original breakfast creation, an unusual potato side dish, or homemade bread and pastries.

But beyond all of this, I want my breakfast hot, fresh, and properly prepared.

Meg’s Aussie Milk Bar Review

Meg's Aussie Milk BarMeg’s is a short walk up the hill on Memorial Boulevard then left on Bellevue, but I prefer to cut through the old neighborhoods and take John Street or Prospect Hill.

The entrance is old school and atmosphere is very eclectic; rich in Australian Art Deco posters and nick knacks.

Every time I’ve been  there, I’ve been greeted enthusiastically by Meg’s husband Haydn. It’s not a real big place and it feels like he covers every table. At the very least, he manages to make the rounds and leave an impression with every customer.

The funky chic scene and Haydn’s personality, just make you feel good and ready for a great breakfast.

Although there are a few specialty items like The Vegemite Sandwich or Aussie Egg’s Benedict, most of the menu is made up of the basics.

I like all their breakfast sandwiches, but their Chorizo and cheese sandwich really stands out. I’m particular to a little bit of heat in my breakfast and this sandwich delivers.

megs sandwich

Most of the time, I order plain old eggs over easy. The most memorable thing is their side potatoes are unique and spectacular. I also love the sausage patty, which I think is homemade.

Meg Big Breakfast

Mrs. Horne is a big fan of their smoothies and although I’m not expert, I did sneak a sip and they are very refreshing.

If you find yourself in Newport and you want to start you’re day right, take a walk up the hill to Meg’s Aussie Milk Bar.