Tuesday was a funny day…

I woke up to the third day of pea soup fog with the Point Connett moorings drifting in and out of the 1/4 mile visibility. Our dear old friends Gary and Amy were coming to visit for brief one night stay and hopefully a maiden voyage on Vigilant.

Looking out at the fog, I knew I needed a plan B!

I must have watched a dozen local weather broadcasts and all were predicting clearing; some at noon, some at 3:00 PM, and some even later.

Gary and Amy arrived at noon, amid the lingering fog, so we kicked into Plan B – lunch at the Shipyard Inn and a walk around the Mattapoisett Town Pier.

As we enjoyed the Clam Fritters, Chowder, and a Lagunitas IPA we kept seeing glimpses of sun reflecting off the cars passing by on Water Street.

Mattapoisett Ice Cream Stand
Mattapoisett Town Pier Ice Cream Stand
After lunch, Amy and Sue needed an ice cream cone, so we headed down to the town pier and checked out the weather. We could see across Mattapoisett Harbor, but there was a wall of fog blocking everything beyond Ned’s Point.

Thinking I might be able to salvage what’s left of Plan A, I suggest “why don’t we pack a cooler and go for tour of the harbor on Vigilant”.

Gary screamed “YES, get me on a boat” and we’re off to the races with a renewed Plan A.

30 minutes later, we were on the launch at The Mattapoisett Boatyard looking at blue skies. A quick look at my NOAA Marine Weather App showed we were under Small Craft Warnings with a steady 20 and gusts up to 30. Perfect Vigilant Weather.

I eased her out of the harbor and rounded Angelica holding close to shore. Taking the 4-5 footers off the beam meant a lot of rocking and rolling.

Gary Kittansett
Gary’s favorite spot…
Once I turned downwind toward Aucoot everything smoothed out and Gary stretched out on the deck to suck up a little June sunshine.

We did a big turn inside Aucoot, hugged the coast around Converse and then did another loop inside Marion’s outer harbor.

As we made way toward Bird Island, I remembered that I wanted to take a few pictures from one of my secret gunkholes, so I made the turned, and watching my instruments closely, I pulled up close to the shore just north of Bird Island.

Kittansett Gunkhole
Passing Bird Island to the Northeast…

My Kittanset Cove Gunkhole

I’m a little mixed about telling you about my secret gunkhole since I’ve never seen anyone else there – I’d hate to see it get crowded!

I discovered it 2 years ago on a foggy day when I stopped there for a picnic before heading up the canal. It’s a cozy little cove and although there are some visible rocks, there is plenty of water up to a few hundred feet from shore if you pick your spot.

If you look at the screen shot from my Garmin Blue Chart below, you can see that there is about 11′ of water up to 200′ from shore.

Kittansett Chart

Vigilant draws about 43″ of water and between my depth sounder and my forward sonar, I’m quite comfortable snuggling in close. Of course, the closer you get, the better protected you are from the southwest blow. And since we dropped anchor around 4:00 PM, it was gusting near 30 knots at the time.

The other reason to pull in close is the get a good look at the 3rd “Beach” hole at Kittanset…

Kittansett 3rd Hole
The Beach Hole – #3 at Kittanset
Lastly, you can also see the green on #2 and Geraldo Rivera’s old house on #17. It’s no longer Geraldo’s house, but he ex-wife enjoys the view still the same!

Geraldo's House Kittansett Gunkhole
Geraldo Rivera’s Old Mansion on #17 Kittanset
Anyway, we dropped anchor and listened to the Jimmy Buffett channel on Pandora for about an hour, then headed home into a wall of 4-5 footers and a 30 knot headwind.

One of the incredible things about Buzzards Bay is being able to find such solitude within a quarter of a mile of pure ocean fury…