My grandson Jack will be 3 in September. Although he’d been out on Tenacity at 9 months and 21 months, he never really got into boating until yesterday.

Yep, I’m Papi; you gotta have a special name for your grandkids. Anyway, as soon as Jack figured out that he wasn’t going to be driving the boat, he settled into the side lounge and gazed out the window declaring that Vigilant was indeed “awesome”.
Not only did we plan to skip his nap in favor of a 5 hour adventure, but we set off to The Sail Loft for live music, craft drafts, and great food.

My grandson Jack and daughter Natalie

Papi’s Big Blue Boat is Awesome!

We arrived and we were assigned one of the Dreaded 4 Piling Slips. The Dockmaster asked my Vigilants beam (14′) and then proceeded to give us a slip that was no more that 15′ wide.

Still, I had plenty of hands on deck and Mrs. Horne is getting much better at calling action, so we tied up rather quickly.

Sunday afternoon ended up being Ken Richards rather that Neal and Barry.


I’m a big fan of all of them, but Kenny tends to do more of “my songs” so it’s always nice to sit and watch him play. He uses a looper to lay down the rhythm like Ed Sheeran and then plays lead over the background chords.

He’s very scary, his radio is too loud…

Okay, Jack wasn’t Kenny’s biggest fan, but he did sit, eat, and enjoy the music with a little apprehension.

Perhaps the best part of the day was the downwind run home. I set the Garmin autoroute for Mattapoisett Harbor, cranked the big old Cummins up to 10 knots, opened the center window and just sat back and enjoyed the day my grandson first spent 5 hours boating and live music at a seaside eatery!