I was just trolling The Hull Truth and noticed a guy was looking for a nice beach where he could anchor his boat for his kids to swim. I guess there are some people left who still don’t know about this little slice of heaven!

I mentioned it in my Chartroom or Kingman Marine Dock and Dine reports, but for those who missed it, here goes…

Bassetts Island lies on the west side of Redbrook Harbor and pretty much the entire east and southwest sides of the island are truly special gunkholes.

Bassetts Island Map

To get there, you basically take a right just before the south entrance to the Cape Cod Canal. I generally come in around the south corner because the views are much better than the north side.

I do prefer to exit via the north side on a windy afternoon because it dumps me bow into the southwest wind.

Bassetts RocksThere is a sand bar that extends close to the channel on the southern tip of the island. It’s not uncommon to see people standing in knee deep water a hundred feet away as you make the turn north.

If you’re in a small outboard or you have power tilt outboards, you can turn in after Nun #7 and you’ll be okay. If you’re in an inboard or a larger boat, head north the the area just pass the turn into Redbrook Harbor.

After the turn north, as you run parallel to the beach, you must pay full homage to the channel markers.

I actually nicked a prop on a rock with Tenacity in 2015. At the time, I thought I was in the channel, but my neighbor was coming at me in his brand new Cabo and pretty much hogging the channel.

The rock I nicked and the ones that you really have to watch out for are the 2-3 on the left side of the channel just after Long Point.

After my incident with Tenacity, I now head north where there is pretty much always 6-8 feet of water. You can usually see plenty of big boats anchored in this area.

Here are a few photos of this great gunkhole!


Bassett Gunkhole
Very popular spot for rafting…
Bassett Gunkhole 2
Classic white sandy beach — could be anywhere from here to the Caribbean!


Bassett Gunkhole 3
I think this may be the Can near the rocks I nicked in Tenacity!
Bassett Gunkhole 4
Typical summer crowd…
Basssetts Jack
Want a place to take the kids? My two year old grandson jumping into his father’s arms!