I’m on Day 2 of our Block Island vacation. It should have been Day 1, but we left a day early to avoid an incoming tropical storm. 

The trip on Friday was interesting to say the very least. When I got up, it was perfect,

Unfortunately, we weren’t leaving then. Mrs. Horne, Gail, and Rudy weren’t going to be arriving from Fitchburg until later, so departure was set for noon. 

By 10:00, a fog had rolled in which made Mrs. Horne very nervous. I wasn’t happy, but still not worried because I knew how well the radar/gps overlay worked. 

The fog had lifted by the time everyone arrived at MBY for departure, but we were heading out for a 60 mile run and most of the trip was in open ocean, so I knew the fog might reappear. 

Sure enough, we ran into our first fog bank right after The Wildcats off Westport. That was pretty much the last look at land until we arrived at Block Island 90 minutes later. 

Ballards Marina

About 3 miles out, the fog lifted, the sun came out, and Block Island appeared! This was my first visit to Old Harbor and we’re trying out a new marina – Ballards. It’s in the center of downtown and a very short walk from Ballards resort. 

I’ll do a full review on both the marina and dinner at the resort later, but give you a couple of photos for now…

This is Breezy, she’s the Dockmaster at Ballards and she does an incredible job. It’s a very small marina, so everyone gets her full attention. We watched her get on a neighbors boat and tie up the lines on the pilings and string up a fender in just the right place. I’ve never seen any other Dockmaster work like that. 

Vigilant is the largest boat at the marina, so Breezy gave us the only parallel slip pointing Northeast, to help us ride out the incoming Gale. 

After tying everything up, we just hung out for the afternoon reading books, watching the ferries, and sipping on a cold beer. 

Ballards Beach Resort

Since it was such a beautiful evening, we decided to eat on the beach at Ballards. As I said, I’ll do a full review later, but here’s a few photos…

This is the view from our table. That’s one of many Tiki Huts on the beach that serve drinks all day. I think Ballards may be the only beach in southern New England that serves alcohol on the beach. 

After dinner we had a drink in the bar and watched a very talented young singer-songwriter from Worcester named John Bazile. 

The Morning Gale

We sleep well but started feeling the seas roll around 2:00 AM. Mrs. Horne woke me up at 5:30 to check the lines and that was it for me. 

It’s windy, but Old Harbor is very well protected. I’m drinking coffee and watching WJAR out of Providence. 

For now, it looks the Gale and tropical rains are going to pass just south of us. 

If you look at the weather map above, Block Island is that little blue-green dot just above the “N” in North. 

Here’s a live video from 6:18 AM:

That’s all for now. We’ll be heading out for breakfast later. Mrs. Horne has a hankering for pancakes!