Day 4 turned out to be scooter day. Mrs. Horne says “they’re not scooters, they’re mopeds”. But I pointed out that they don’t have any pedals!

Although Ballards Marina doesn’t have any of the typical marina facilities, they do have a car, scooter, and bike rental center. Breezy set us up and told me to “keep taking lefts and you’ll see the whole Island.”

She was right. Not only did we see the whole island in about 2 hours, we also saw very few cars. I’m not a big fan of tourists on mopeds, but due to the lack of cars and scenic vistas on Block Island, I highly recommend it. 

Everyone goes about 20 mph and the roads are all pretty open so it’s easy to take in the views as the wind blows through your hair. 

Here are a few interesting pics I took along the way. 

The South Lighthouse
East to West Panorama

The stairs leading to the light

The beach walk to the North Point.

Afterwards we ate at Finns. It was okay, but not great. It did have a great view of the harbor. 

I also caught a little video of a lobsterman hauling pots. 

Gail Eats Sand

After lunch took a dip in the ocean at Ballards. The water is 66 degrees but I did go in up to my neck – just not too long. 

There was a pretty serious undertow, but as a kid I learned how to get through it quickly and avoid getting tossed. 

When Gail said “I think I’ll take a dip too”, it never occurred to me that she doesn’t know how to swim. The next thing I knew, she’s on all fours crawling up the beach. 

She got caught in the undertow and pounded into the beach. She was picking rocks and sand out of her bathing suit for over an hour. 

Family Reunion at Dicks

My cousin Sharon owns a house on the island and came over on the ferry on Sunday. We hosted her and her family for cocktails on Vigilant and then went to Dead Eye Dicks for dinner (review to follow). 

I’m not sure where today will take us, but I predict it will involve Tiki Bars and 66 degree water!