Day 5 began with a Mexican breakfast at Caleveras. I now have enough pictures of their food to do a review sometime in the future. 

Mrs. Horne and I went for a power walk and then hung out on Vigilant reading. I finally got into the book my son in law Brian loaned me. 

I use to read a lot when I traveled for business, but now I tend to just read stuff online. It’s nice to pick up a book again, maybe I’ll make it a habit. 

Tiki Bars and 66 Degree Water

As I predicted yesterday, we all ended up back at Ballards Beach. Monday I took a brief dip in the cold ocean water, but yesterday I went in twice and stayed in for quite a while the second time. 

I spend a lot of time in our pool in La Quinta, but the water is always 87-89 degrees. I never thought I could even get in 66 degree water, but it was actually very nice once my body got over the intial shock. 

In between dips I visited the Tiki Bar and enjoyed a true Island Mai Tai. I also made new friends with the Serbian bar tenders – Dusan and Igor along with three girls from Worcester. 

The Sand Made Hot Tub

As we sat down at the beach, we noticed a guy with a shovel digging a big hole. 

Suddenly we heard the kids scream as a wave flooded it. The guy who built it was named Bill and he said it was a Sand Made Hot Tub. 

Bill the Sand Made Hot Tub Builder

The idea is to dig it when the tide’s out and then the kids sit in it as the rising tide fills the “Tub”.

Dinner at The Surf Hotel

After another bunch of showers on Vigilant, we headed over to the Surf Hotel for dinner. I’ll do a review later, but I must point out that this place has the best view on Block Island!

View from the back bar at the Surf Hotel

On top of that, the food was outstanding…

Rudy joins John Brazile on stage

After another great visit by my cousins, Rudy and I headed back to Ballards to take in one more John Brazile performance. 

I knew something was up when I saw Rudy had brought along a couple of harmonicas. 

He bought John a shot of Fireball and then moseyed up to the edge of the stage playing his harmonica. 

The next thing I knew John and Rudy were doing an excellant version of Neil Young’s Heart of Gold. 

Unfortunately, I left my iPhone on Vigilant, so no video!

Tomorrow we head back to Mattapoisett and Buzzards Bay.