Yet another weekend with a weather forecast for a lousy Saturday and a good Sunday. I think this is the 4th or 5th in a row. 

To make matters worse, this is our big annual visit by the McGrath family (less Tracy who moved to Nashville). 

As we looked at the Saturday forecast on Thursday night, Mrs. Horne came up with a killer Plan B:

“Why don’t we go to the Chartroom by boat for dinner Friday night?”

After a little rescheduling, everyone but Kyle made it to MBY by 3:15 and we were off the dock at 3:15 with an ETA on Buddy (the Garmin Autoroute) of 4:15. 

The Chartroom Scene

If you’ve ever been to The Chartroom, you know the magical vibe around the outdoor sitting area and bar window. 

Even on a Tuesday afternoon it’s hopping, but at 5:00 on a beautiful Friday night, it’s nearly electric. 

As captain, I never indulge in their deadly Mudslides and thanks to my resultant mental clarity, I thought to shoot a short video that captured the scene pretty well. 

The Mudslide

The crowd was 4-5 deep at the outside window as I waited to buy Mrs Horne her mudslide. I was impressed at how fast the mudslide mixer empties filling each new mudslide orders. 

In case you didn’t know, the mudslide is made up of four simple incgredients – well vodka, Baileys, Kaluha, and lots of ice. 

Once again, my mental clarity recognized the video moment before me and I captured a 25 second mixer of Mudslides being constructed.

The Race For The Final Launch

Knowing that the final ride in on the MBY launch was at sunset (7:47 on August 11), I pretty much had to “put the pedal to the metal” on Vigilant in order to make it home in time. 

Thanks to Gary for this sweet video of the sunset run home. 

As we passed Ned’s Light at 7:30, I hailed the MBY launch and told “This is Vigilant and we’ll have 6 for pickup at 7:47”. 

Yep, we were the last ride of the night…