It started on Block Island when my cousin Sharon’s iPhone slipped through her fingers as she was listening to me play The Weight on Vigilant.

After an incredible day on Cuttyhunk yesterday, Gary’s spanking new iPhone 7 slipped into Davey Jones Locker too.

Last known photograph by Gary’s iPhone!

Like a lot of my friends, Gary carries his iPhone “naked” – the iPhone, not Gary!

I mean no cover, just a sleek and slim phone. If you’ve ever handled a naked iPhone, you know they’re as slippery as a hockey puck.

We also discovered that there is very small gap at the bottom of the back door in Vigilant.

The working theory was that Gary’s phone slipped off the table or the seat and skidded into the drink via the 1/2″ gap under the door.

When we got home, Megan fired up “Find My Phone” and sure enough it was showing on the map in Buzzards Bay halfway between Cuttyhunk and Mattapoisett,

I hope Davey Jones likes it!