I first met Rebecca Correia while performing at Turks in 2011. Even back then I knew she had a special sound that was rare among local performers.

I snapped a photo of her performing, shared it on her Facebook wall, and we’ve been “friends” ever since.

Rebecca Correia
Rebecca Correia Live at Turks 2011

Last night I had the good fortune of participating in a workshop Rebecca hosted for a half a dozen aspiring songwriters. Not only did I learn a lot about songwriting, but I also got a private performance of her newest song Solid Ground which was a collaboration with one of my favorite “Bluesmen” Keb Mo.

Click HERE to see this great video…

The song became available for download on iTunes at midnight last night and the video was released today. I just saw the video and immediately knew that it belonged on My Buzzards Bay.

The video opens in Mattapoisett on Ned’s Point and features sailing on The Tabor Boy and a musical performance at Tabor Academy in Marion.

I think this would be a good time to see it…

Not only is the music and imagery stunning, but if you stick around for the credits, you’ll also see that the 50% of the proceeds for downloading the song on iTunes goes for a very good cause – Limbs For Life which provides prosthetic care for amputees.

Finally, if you make it to 4:37 into the video, you’ll find the following special thanks for some guy named David Horne

Rebecca Correia Credits

Coincidence? I think not!

Please watch the video, buy the download and show Rebecca your appreciation for her talent and casting Buzzards Bay in such a beautiful light…