Last Sunday we headed out again with Kay and Steve on their final day visiting Buzzards Bay. For years we vacationed in Maui with the Kings and my plan was to rekindle that tropical vibe by making everyone lunch off the Weepecket Islands.

We got there in 30 short minutes, dropped anchor, and started taking in the beautiful day. I was about to start grilling some of my famous Ruben’s when I noticed that the boat was rolling quite a bit from the west wind.

Somehow we started talking about Hadley’s Harbor and the next thing I knew we had new plan – Ruben’s in Hadleys!

Hadley’s Harbor near Woods Hole is one of my favorite gunkholes and Sunday it turned out to be the perfect spot for grilling and chilling!

We got there around noon and I set the anchor, opened the windows, and started my Rubens.

Hadley 2017 - 2

We parked Vigilant in between the old ketch pictured above and TUMBLEHOME, a very clean 80 footer out of Falmouth.

Hadley 2017
Tumblehome – Falmouth

After lunch a slew of smaller boats showed up and rafted with Tumblehome. I took out my guitar and did a few songs – not knowing if anyone at the Tumblehome party could hear.

The Lime Run

Steve wanted a gin and tonic, but I had forgotten the limes at home. Almost on cue, a guy swimming off the Hinckley Picnic Boat with Tumblehome called over with a song request.

I had already put the old Breedlove away, but Mrs. Horne was at the top of game and engaged the chap in conversation. Within a minute, she had secured a lime, but we had no way of getting it and it didn’t look like he was going to swim it over.

Just then a dingy rode by and Mrs. Horne sequestered them to pick up the lime and deliver it to us.

​Beware of the Black Mud!

As everyone enjoyed their fresh limes, we mused at the people taking off with their anchors dragging in the water. I told a story about doing that once on Tenacity and banging up the gelcoat.

When the time came for us to leave, I learned a valuable lesson — the black mud in Hadley’s nothing to fool around with.

In the next few days, I’ll be doing a story about the drama of boating, but little did I know that washing an anchor could be so stressful. Suffice it to say that the next time, I’ll stay in Hadleys until the anchor is clean.

If you ever anchor in Hadley’s beware of the black mud…