Truth be told, it occurred to me a few weeks ago that our 5 night trip to Boothbay Maine was fraught with risk. 

It involved three 80 mile legs. No problem with mimimal waves, but how often do we see 6 days of minimal waves along the northeast coast of New England?

The funny thing is that the marine forecast was showing just that up until Thursday morning, then things changed. 

I woke up Friday morning to a fairly normal northeast wind. That meant 150 miles of headwind chop enroute to Boothbay. I knew Mrs. Horne had her heart set on it, so onward ho!

Buddy Goes Haywire

Before I even left MBY Buddy – the autopilot was acting funny. It kept wanting me to go through something call THE CALIBRATION WIZARD. 

It let me create a destination for Boston Long Wharf, but wouldn’t hold the right course. I tried calling Scott at SK but he wasn’t answering (I later learned he was at a funeral – my condolences). 

As I ran out of options, I decided to try to run the setup wizard again. I’ve never done it, but I have seen Scott do it two or three times, so why not?

As my crew watched nervously, I ran through the entire process in about 5 minutes and voila, everything worked again. 

Still, the wind was kicking up as we passed Bird Island and so was my apprehension about the whole trip.

After an uneventful run up the canal my fears were confirmed as we entered Cape Cod Bay an hit 4 foot choppy waves. 

I knew these were coming from the tidal currents as much as the wind, but it wasn’t a good sign. 

As we turned north toward Boston, I settled into the most comfortable speed I could find – 15 knots. It was just after 10:00 and Buddy was reporting 3 1/2 hours of pounding seas before we reached Boston!

I checked the Marine Forecast and the whole week was suppose to be just like this – Northeast blowing 20 – not good. 

Then Mrs Horne said “I changed my mind about Maine.”

With that my mind started running back up plans. Once I got a new plan in my head I offered to share it, but Mrs. Horne’s mind was back on going to Maine. 

After a little more talk, she agreed to let me call Plymouth and see if we could stay there for the night. 

Mrs. Horne took the helm and quickly realized what a pain it was picking out and avoiding the never ending string of lobster pots in the 3-4 chop. 

She said “any luck?” And knew we were going to Plan B. 

The New Plan

We confirmed a mooring with the Plymouth Harbormaster and I got the first spot on the wait list at Brewers. 

By the time we entered Plymouth Harbor, we had a confirmed slip at Brewers for the night and once again Life Was Good!

We had lunch at Crabbyshack where Rudy discovered the best Chowda eva. 

I also met Jake who’s crew was forced to cancel their offshore fishing trip due to the weather. 

Jake was drowning his sorrows in a 24 ounce Margarita. 

After lunch I read a book and helped Mrs. Horne clean up Vigilant. At “four we poured” and as we sat on the back deck, a new friend stopped by for a chat. 

Kevin owns a Back Cove 30 and he also knows Joyce at BYS. 

Cafe Strega

We had a great Italian dinner at Cafe Strega. 

On the way back to the dock, we discovered Dirty Water. 

It’s a micro refinery that makes vodka and rum in downtown Plymouth. I bought a bottle of “Chastity” which is their unflavored vodka. 

After a good nights sleep, we’re having breakfast on board and making way for Boston. 

Talk to you later!