We visited Boston for the first time in Vigilant Saturday and actually got here from Plymouth around 11:30. It was a very smooth ride and we really enjoyed the views of Boston from the waterfront.

Like all good tourists, we herded into Fanuiel Hall Marketplace with the crowd looking for lunch.

I pulled up yelp looking for a decent place to eat, but found none.

Before lunch Mrs. Horne and her sister Gail posed with the statue lady and got their fortunes told.

We looked over a few places on the main drag, but decided to go for fun over food quality and ventured into Dick’s Last Resort.

As you may know by now, I don’t do bad reviews on My Buzzards Bay (although I do on yelp).

That said, I’m giving Dick’s a “mixed” review.

The Good

It’s got a fun vibe. They’ve vultured Durgin Park’s rude server schtick, but it felt forced. They also do this thing where they put a silly paper hat with a personal insult written on it. Cute, very cute’

Mrs. Horne (Fish and Chips), Gail (Philly Cheese Steak), and Rudy (Ribs and Wings Basket) all loved their dishes, although Rudy thought the wings were bland.

Rudy ordered a Sunrise Margarita, but got a 45 ounce Killarita instead.

The Bad

My first dish was a total disaster. It was a Buffalo Fried Chicken Salad. The chicken was ice cold and the salad was undressed. I sent it back immediately.

Our waiter apologized and I ordered the Katfish Po Boy instead.  It came out quickly, but was not a Po Boy. It had a lot of lettuce, sliced tomato, red onion, and a little tarter sauce.

It also sported  4-5 tiny morsels of fried mystey fish – no more than one ounce. I plowed all the tiny fish morsels to one end of the sandwich and ate one bite leaving 6″ of “Katfish Free” so-called Po Boy left.

At this point the manager Kerry came over to apologize for the first dish, tell me it was no charge, and ask how I liked the so-called Po Boy.

I told her the sad truth and she said “let me guess, you’re from California?”

I told her I was born in Cambridge, but did live in the desert during the winter.

We chatted a while. She’d been managing Dick’s for 20 years and she grew up in Saratoga California.

Now that we were friends, I pointed out that the only reason we ate there was to get the stupid hats and we never did.

She said “you’ll get your hats” and walked away.

Our waiter was a body builder who didn’t really know how to act rude, so he just acted like he didn’t like us or his job.

We did take a photo together that came out pretty good…

Oh yeah, we eventually did get our stupid hats.

Was Dick’s fun?

I’d say yes, but I’d suggest ordering something very basic like a burger and then adjusting your expectations way down.