Sunday called for a 65 mile run around Rockport with a 30 mile leg across open ocean.

This was to be the farthest I’ve ever taken Vigilant in a single day and the first open Ocean run in the North Atlantic, so we departed Boston around 8:30 AM which was early for Gail.

The first leg up the Massachusetts coast was about as smooth as you can get. We ran most of the way at 25 mph and the only challenge was dodging the sea of lobster pots.

After we passed Gloucester it started to get choppy and once we cleared the point at Rockport, we hit 3-4 footers for about 15 minutes.

Once we got out in the 250′ deep open ocean things settled down to 1-2 footers and we ran into Portsmouth in the low twenties.

Our home for the night was Wentworth By The Sea Marina. This is a really first class marina with a dockside restaurant and bar.

It’s  also a short walk to the Lattitudes restaurant, the Marriott, and Salt Kitchen (where we ate Sunday night).

Technically it’s not Portsmouth, but rather New Castle. As we waited for an Uber ride into town, we met Officer Cody who was looking for a wild dog.

He never found the dog and after learning she was actually just a small pet, he abandoned the search.

He did offer to drive us to town, but our uber car was right around the corner so we passed.

Right after Cody left, a guy drove up looking for the dog. Drew said she her name was Lulu and she wandered off often. Mrs. Horne got his cell number and promised to look for Lulu and text him if we found her.

Our uber driver Jay picked us up and we immediately spotted Lulu. I jumped out of the car and called her name. She stopped, looked at me, and then headed back down the hill to the marina.

Mrs. Horne texted Drew and since there were a few other people chasing Lulu, we continued to town.

Within 2 minutes, Drew texted Mrs. Horne that Lulu was safe and on her way home.

It was becoming clear that Portsmouth was a very friendly place. Our uber driver Jay reinforced things by sharing his dream to become a full time poker dealer.

Jay dropped us at Market Square. I yelped to find a good lunch spot, but nothing jumped out at me.

After checking out a few spots, we settled on The District. It was packed and had a 30 minute wait, which is always a good sign.

The District

Mrs. Horne and Gail shopped and I headed for the bar seeking a cleansing ale.

The bartender Kim was very good and also quite friendly.

Rudy joined me for an Otter Creek and eventually the girls did too. Following Mrs. Horne suggestion, I cancelled us from the waitlist and ate at the bar with Kim.

I ordered a fried chicken sandwich with local NewHampshire bacon and Gorgonzola dressing.

Everyone else did Bacon, Lettuce, and Avacado Paninis which they also loved.

After lunch we met Dave the young owner of the hip restaurant. We discovered that he use to work at The Oar on Block Island.

When we left The District and waited for our uber ride back to the boat we were serenaded by a very creative barefooted busker.

Once back on Vigilant we all helped Mrs. Horne clean the boat (her new afternoon routine)

Then. Rudy and I did a couple songs for the folks hanging out on the docks and after showers we headed for dinner at Salt Kitchen.

As we finished dinner, our dear friend Kyle appeared and joined us for a nightcap on Vigilant.

It’s getting pretty cold here at night and I think fall may be arriving early.

Today we start south again with Newburyport as our destination for the night. I’m hoping to run up the Maine coast after breakfast.