As you know, I’m a huge fan of F/V (that’s how the Fisherman’s View refers to themselves).

I love the ride up the canal, I love the indoor water view, and I love the food. Speaking of food, here’s a review I did a while back.

Saturday I took Mrs. Horne and six of her childhood friends out for the day and lunch at the F/V.

A New Seaside Eatery on Cape Cod

The funny thing about seaside eateries on Buzzards Bay and much of the New England coast is that they’re a dying breed.

Running a restaurant is a dicey business and with every dip in the economy some fail. In most cases, a new restaurant sprouts from the old spot. But when the failing restaurant sits on the water, it often gets bought up and converted to a private residence.

This sad reality is one more thing that makes F/V so special. It’s a new restaurant that opened in 2016 on the site of an old Fish Freezing Facility.

It was the dream and now the realty of two Lobstermen – Dennis and Robert Colbert. Based on what they’re doing in the Sandwich Marine District, I’d say these brothers know a lot about running restaurants.

About that View

This place could probably be successful anywhere, but sitting pretty on the busiest waterway in Southern New England makes it spectacular.

Here’s a short video I shot while enjoying lunch in the F/V dining room…

This site is even more special because the restaurant is open all year round while the Cape Cod Canal is active with commercial ships.

Imagine killing off a little cabin fever in mid January hanging out at F/V and watching giant freighters pass by the massive picture windows.

A Perfect September Saturday 

This past Saturday was truly a picture perfect day on Buzzards Bay. It was a tad cooler – just under 70, but clear, bright, and barely any wind.

We tied up at Sandwich Marina and got first class service for $30 (2 hour fee). The 8 of us took the 10 minute walk around the little harbor and landed a table in the dining room after a short wait. This was great for 12:30 on a Saturday.

I had the Fried Scallop Roll ($14) which was a perfect lunch portion. There were 5 very large scallops on a butter grilled bun with fries, cole slaw, and a great tarter sauce.

The F/V Music Scene

After lunch I took a little stroll and discovered what a great complex they’ve created at the F/V.

First off was the bar. It doesn’t have the 180 degree view of the dining room, but looks up the canal to Cape Cod Bay. I also like that it has high top tables which gives you a nice perspective to take it all in.

Yesterday I discovered that they have live music in the bar starting at 1:00.

The fellow on the left is Liam Kelly and on the right is Jonny Allen. They are also songwriters for their 4-piece band, the Oysters – great name!

I then went outside and discovered a second act performing for folks sitting outside at Sandies bar.

The singer’s name is Chris Lebeau and he’s also a song writer. I loved his take on a Bob Segar classic.

The outside dining venue is a great spot that could easily get wild with the right crowd.

Here’s a few more photos that capture the view and the vibe…

I’ve been a fan of Sandwich Harbor ever since the Pilot House emerged from the wreckage of the Aqua Grill.

I am worried about the future of the Pilot House in the face of F/V’s success, but I was happy to see a good crowd at there outside patio as I returned to Vigilant around 2:00.