I’m just sitting here today waiting for Mrs. Horne to return from San Diego and waiting for Jose. 

We were planning to visit Nantucket starting Wednesday, but that idea is just a distant memory. 

I spent Monday morning bringing in all the outside furniture. 

If anything truly interesting happens I’ll head out around Mattapoisett and grab some photos or video. 

Meanwhile it’s hard to believe that we’re less than 48 hours away from one of the sweetest Sunday afternoons I’ve ever experienced on Buzzards Bay. 

Sunday Dream Day

With the Patriots on tap for slaughtering the Saints, Peter and I made a quick run to The Chartroom for lunch. 

Such a perfect day for sitting out on the Adirondacks taking in the summer fading. 

41 Years of Service

The day kept getting better as we ended up at our favorite table with Wendy as our server. 

Wendy and Peter

If you frequent The Chartroom you’ll recognize her. She’s been working there since 1976. Yep, thats 41 years. 

A Summer Tradition 

Here’s one more short video that pretty much captures the Sunday afternoon vibe…

The run back was just about as smooth. 

Given that Jose’s 60 knot gusts are coming from the northeast, MBY is not pulling boats. 

I hope Vigilant looks this good after the storm…