Today I’ll be continuing my series of reviews on the various attractions on Block Island with my review of Ernie’s restaurant.

Like Ballard’s Inn, Ernie’s is a mere 1,000 feet from Ballard’s Marina. And much as ending our days listening to John Brazile at Ballard’s Inn became a daily routine, breakfast at Ernie’s was our go-to breakfast spot.

As you may know, I love going out to breakfast after a good night’s sleep on Vigilant. So far I’ve visited three different spots in Newport Rhode Island – Meg’s Aussie Milk Bar (my favorite), The Corner Cafe, and Belle’s at the Newport Shipyard.

Ernie’s is my 2nd breakfast review in Rhode Island and it may be my new favorite.

We first dined at Ernie’s the morning we woke up on the edge of a Gale on a very windy day on Block Island. As I mentioned in my Day 2 report, it was kind of dicey sitting on Vigilant and my goal for the day was to get my crew on solid ground as much as possible.

We didn’t have anywhere picked out when we headed out for breakfast and Ernie’s was the first place we saw. We were hungry and we spied a few tasty looking plates leaving the kitchen so we went in.

This Place Could Be A Diner!

When I see booths, stools at a breakfast bar, and waitresses running around with coffee cups in one hand a Bunn-O-Matic coffee pot in the other I think of one thing – A Diner.

Ernies Block Island 4

Like a diner that’s been packing them in for decades, Ernie’s serves up all the classic breakfast dishes hot and with great portions.

I went classic with Eggs over easy, Sausage, Hash Browns, and Wheat Toast…

Ernies Block Island

Mrs. Horne ordered her favorite Egg Sandwich on English. I also ordered this on Monday morning and I can tell it offers all the savory bacon and cheese flavors you expect in a decadent breakfast sandwich.

Ernies Block Island 2

Rudy went retro and ordered an old school Denver Omelet with Rye Toast…

Ernies Block Island 3

The star of the show was a diner classic created with a modern twist that Gail ordered – The Corn Beef and Hash.

Ernie's Block Island 4

There are two distinctively modern aspects to this dish. Visually, the shredded potatoes make it look different from the tradition mishmash found in most hash dishes.

It also brings unique taste and texture to the palate. The use of shredded potatoes and onions rather than chopped, give this dish a very airy texture. The nearly al dente white onions come through loud and clear as well.


After enjoying our first morning’s breakfast at Ernie’s we returned a few times for both takeout and dining.

After enjoying a single bite of Gail’s Hash, I was anxious to order it for my breakfast with two eggs over easy on top…

Ernie's Block Island 6

I must say that the addition of runny egg yolks took this dish to an even higher level; perhaps the best breakfast dish I’ve ever had.

Finally, Mrs. Horne was craving a sweet breakfast our last morning and opted for Ernie’s Pancakes.

Ernie's Block Island 7

As soon as I saw them I knew they’d be heavenly. Fluffy and smothered in butter and real maple syrup. This photo doesn’t portray how huge this portion was. Mrs. Horne ate til her belly hurt and we all shared yet we still left an entire pancake untouched.

Needless to say, I loved Ernie’s for the great food, diner vibe, location and value. Who would have thought we’d find all this 1,000 feet from the dock!