The time is near to close up the beach house and head to our winter home in the desert of Southern California.

We had planned to get in one more cruise over the weekend, stay at Bowens in Newport, and attend the Seafood Festival with our dear old friends Peter and Mary Lee.

Once again, the lousy weather of the summer of 2017 appeared and our plan when up in flames.

Never to be deterred, we created our own Seafood Festival in Mattapoisett and invited Peter and Mary Lee to join us.

The Final Weekend Tradition

The final weekend has been a major tradition ever since my father bought us the Thunderbird in 1966. Back then, it was pretty simple. I’d drive it on the trailer, my father would pull it out, and we’d head home where I’d scrape all the barnacles off the bottom.

Later, when we moved up to the Banana Split and Aquarius, it got more complicated. We needed assistance from Brownell to take down the mast, haul the boat to Peases Point, and set it up in the right spot. The right spot was always next to the deck so we could step directly into the boat without using a ladder.


Although my father, brothers, and I could probably have done the whole operation by ourselves, it was always more fun when we brought friends down to join in. Over the years, my father’s friend Pete Whitcomb, and my friends Jens and Peter were frequent helpers.

Brother Barry, Peter, and me on the Mattapoisett Town Pier circa 1982

The Lobster and Bourbon Dinner

We often worked very hard on the day we hauled the boat out day and we always ended the day with a special traditional meal.

The heart of the meal was always big lobsters and Jack Daniels Whiskey. Steamers usually started things off and their was a side salad, potato chips, and garlic bread.

Old Beach House 20
Peter and Nancy Whitcomb enjoying the traditional Lobster Dinner

This is a fond memory that I know I’ll take with me to the grave!

The Final Weekend of 2017

As I said, our plans for a weekend in Newport went up in flames, so we recreated a Last Weekend with Peter and Mary Lee.

Peter, Mary Lee, and David
Peter, Mary Lee, and me a few years back!

We started the weekend with a great lunch at Brew Fish. As reported earlier, this is a new restaurant with great food, and really hip vibe.

I had the Fish Tacos, Mrs. Horne had the the Lettuce Wraps, Peter had the Fish and Chips, and Mary Lee had the Fish Sandwich.


The rain persisted, so we went back to the house and watched a movie. Around 4:00, the sun came out and we enjoyed a spectacular rainbow all over Buzzards Bay.

Last Weekend Rainbow

I then served up my new version of the traditional Lobster dinner. We started with steamers, roasted red potatoes, an arugula salad, and hot ciabatta bread.


A few years ago I came up with a new way to serve lobster. Each person has an aluminum tray with their name on it. They take apart their lobster at the bar in their tray, drain the water, and bring small pieces back to the table.

This avoids the mess of trying to break down the lobster on a small plate surrounded by melted butter and cocktails.

Most importantly, it eliminates the need for a silly lobster bib!

After Lobster Breakfast

This year I added a new tradition. I take the leftovers and incorporate them into a lobster eggs Benedict breakfast — quite tasty!

LAST WEEKEND LOBSTER BENEDICTI make the Hollandaise using the leftover lobster butter, add some of the leftover lobster, and top it off with more lobster. I also pan fry the leftover roasted reds, so my breakfast tradition is now deeply integrated with our Last Weekend Dinner!

Turk’s Sunday

The final icing on the cake for our Last Weekend was late lunch/early dinner at Turks. As you may know, I love sitting at the Horseshoe Bar, eating tapas style over the course of a few hours, and on Sunday, we are well served by my favorite bartender Tara.

Dave and Tara Turks

We came in at halftime with the Patriots down 7 points. Before our drinks arrived, they had tied it up and of course after a lengthy grind, they pulled off a much needed win!

We fly to California on Sunday, but Mrs. Horne and I are still hoping to sneak in one more day on Vigilant before we leave.