All good things must come to an end and so it goes for our 2017 season on our new Back Cove 41 Vigilant. 

She was Christened on April 24 which means she’s been in the water almost 6 months.  We put 125 hours on her this summer and somewhere around 2,000 miles.  

Final Friday 

We leave our beach house for the winter on Sunday and there’s a lot of work involved in closing things up. I convinced Mrs. Horne that we needed to sneak out one more day and the weather forecast for Friday was pretty good. 

I really wanted to see Edgartown in late October, but NOAA had 25 mph winds forecasted on the Sound, so we headed out for the Fisherman’s View and a gentle run up the Cape Cod Canal instead. 

It turned out to be an excellent call. The wind was brisk, but coming out of the northwest so no problem running from Angelica to Bird Island.  

Once we entered the canal, we decided it was 5:00 somewhere and kicked off Final Friday with a couple of beers and some FaceTime love with our grandson Jack.  

Not Quite a Ghost Town

Sandwich Basin is a serious commercial fishing center, so there were still plenty of boats in the water on this 70 degree autumn day, but most of the recreational boats were up on blocks. 

Fisherman’s View Bar

We took the 5 minute walk around the Basin and headed into the bar at the F/V. It was about 1:00 and there were plenty of tables available, but we decided to try sitting at the bar for a change. 

The bar offers a nice view up the canal into Cape Cod Bay. 

Mrs. Horne ordered the Fried Scallop Roll ($15) which is a great way to enjoy a smaller portion of this rather decadent meal.  

I decided it was time to try The Lobster Knuckle Sandwich ($14). 

This is a brilliant dish. It’s a BLT with avacado on Texas Toast with lobster knuckle meat.  I think I’d prefer a different bread – something thinner with more flavor, but it was still great.  

Joyce and Lisa

One of the best things about being Chief Story Teller at is how it’s such a great conversation starter. Over the course of this summer, we’ve met dozens of very nice people and Friday was no exception. 

Our new friends – Joyce and Lisa, are year round Cape Cod residents who live on the shores of the canal. 

To my left, Mrs. Horne, Joyce, and Lisa

They are also foodies who aren’t afraid to drive a little to discover great food at an interesting venue (Joyce – if you’re reading this, I’m looking for photos and your review of Atlantic Bistro).  

My Final Video

I’m not sure what I’ll be writing about over the winter, but I suspect you’ll see some flashbacks with summer videos. 

I made a 5 minute one commentating our final voyage for my other site – set to the sound of Tom Rush’s Urge For Going.  

This pretty much sums up my state of mind. 

Hope you enjoy…