I’m back in California for the winter and I already miss Buzzards Bay. It’s in the eighties out here, so it feels like July and time to go boating. 

I have already found myself looking back at some of the stories from last season and thought you might feel the same. 

As the season went along, I started doing more videos and even created a few short subjects set to music. 

Here’s some eye candy to munch on when the north wind blows!

May 2017 Sunday Morning Run From Newport 

June 2017 Entering Edgartown 

July 2017 Run Home From The Sailloft

4th of July Shots at the Pilot House

August 2017 Leaving Block Island 

August 2017 Run Home From The Chartroom 

Video by Gary McGrath

Whale Breach Off Ne

October Trip To Newport 

Final Cruise – October 19, 2017