When we arrived at Ballard’s Marina, we asked Breezy (the Dockmaster) for some local restaurant recommendations and one of the first she mentioned was Calaveras, a Mexican establishment.

You have to understand, Mrs. Horne and I spend our winters in the desert of Southern California about 75 miles north of the border. Not only do we have many Mexican neighbors, but we’re also surrounded by too many great Mexican restaurants to count on one hand.

So when Breezy told me “we have a great Mexican restaurant,” I was a tad skeptical!


The owner is Julio Mendoza’s who is originally from Mexico City. He moved to Connecticut and New York before coming to Block Island for the first time in 2010 to do landscaping work. In the midst of his summer work, Mendoza met his wife, IIiana and in 2015 they opened the restaurant, at least that’s what it says in this nice story In found about Calavaras in the Block Island Times!

It’s About The Food!

It has a very nice atmosphere, but no liquor license; as in no Margarita’s and no Corona’s. It is a BYOB establishment so can bring your own. Which is exactly what we did for lunch on our first visit.

It sports and open kitchen which always warms my heart since I know it’s always clean and the cook knows people are watching.

The food is indeed authentic Mexican – not that Tex-Mex crap we get at most East Coast so-called Mexican restaurants.

The first clue was the Salsa Verde which was the best I’ve ever had!

Calaveras Salsa Verde
Calaveras Salsa Verde

The flavors and the texture scream HAND MADE WITH LOVE AND CARE!

We also enjoyed tacos, nachos, and soup…

Nachos Mexican City Style

Breakfast at Calaveras

We enjoyed lunch at Calaveras so much that we returned later that week for breakfast. I’m a huge fan of Mexican breakfast and Calaveras did not disappoint.

How can you argue with an authentic Mexican egg sandwich for $4.50, although I went for the real thing – Eggs Calaveras Style ($8.50).

calaveras breakfast 2

Not only was it a plate of beauty, but the layers of Mexican flavors and spices sung in my mouth! The big difference between this specialty and a traditional Huevos Rancheros is the addition of BACON – which goes with everything.

Calaveras Traditional Huevos Rancheros

Calaveras not only offers authentic Mexican cuisine, but it’s very convenient for boaters staying both Ballard’s Marina and Town Marina – a 2 minute walk.

It also represents a way to dine out on a budget as long as you have a cooler full of adult beverages!

And if you’re like me and you want to spend a week (or more) on Block Island, it represents a refreshing change from the classic seafood dishes offered elsewhere.


NOTE: I’m a little short on photo’s so much of what you’ve seen here came from my friends on Yelp and Facebook