After a day of dealing with a tropical gale 50 miles to our south, the wind finally died down, the sun came out, and we headed to town for dinner. During our morning walk, we’d checked out the menus in front of restaurants and decided to give The Tap and Grille at the National Hotel a try.

The National Hotel is without a doubt the most striking building along the Old Harbor waterfront. The Tap and Grille is actually on the second floor with a spectacular view of Old Harbor.

NH View

Having been cooped up in Vigilant all afternoon watching movies, we arrived early – just in time to catch Ethan Cash’s last set before dinner service. Apparently most restaurants that offer live music take a break from 5:30 to 7:00 for folks who want to dine in silence.


As you can see in the video, Block Island is pretty uninhibited place. And on a day that began gray and windy, people were coming out looking to make up for lost time.

The Food

As my brief video shows, The National Hotel Tap and Grill is about having fun while taking in a spectacular view. I doubt people come here looking for Fine Dining, but if you’re in the mood for what I call “Fun Food” this place is great.

I had the Burger and Parmesan Fries. The burger was very good, but the fries were out of this world!

NH Burger
Bacon Burger and Onion Rings
NH Point Judith Calimari
Point Judith Calimari
NH Fish Tacos
Fish Taco’s and Parmesan Fries
NH Parm Fries
Parmesan Fries
NH Grilled Cheese and Bacon
Grilled Bacon and Cheese

All in all a great spot in a perfect location for fun, drinks, dancing, and good food!


NOTE: I’m a little short on photo’s so much of what you’ve seen here came from my friends on Yelp and Facebook