As you know from my past reports, I’m a huge fan of Mattapoisett Boat Yard. I did a lengthy report in 2017 and I have them listed at my #1 partner.

It turns out that 2017 was a big year for my favorite boatyard. Art McLean passed the reins to Dave Kaiser. Ned Kaiser fully matured as the yard boss while getting married.

Late 2017 MBY Cruise
Last Cruise on Dave Kaiser’s Grand Banks in December
MBY January 10, 2018
MBY Mid Winter

On top of these major life transitions, MBY also took a number of major steps and has truly become a 21st Century operation.

The New Website

First off, you won’t recognize their new web site. As a “web guy” since the early 1990’s, I can spot a static “here’s who we are” web site from one that offers serious customer engagement from a mile away.

Needless to say the old site was just a bunch of words and pictures that they hoped you read and then picked up the phone and called. The new web site is clean and presents links to everything a customer might want as soon as you hit on it.

MBY Web Page

Mattapoisett Boatyard has also signed up with Dockwa further advancing Mattapoisett as a cruising destination.

The New Work Barge

One of the icons of MBY has always been the red workboat…


As cool as it looked, it was a pain to drive, leaked from time to time, and fell short when it came to really heavy lifting.

One day last summer I noticed these 40′ pontoons in the MBY parking lot and asked Ned what they were for – he said the “new barge”.

It turned out to be a big project and one perfectly suited for the winter when the regular work of the boat yard ground to a halt.

The New Barge is now done. Dave and Ned test drove it last week and sent me some photos…


The Crane – Capable of reaching 55′ and hauling 10 tons

IMG_0153 (1)IMG_0184IMG_0406IMG_0436IMG_0467

MBY Barge
Dave Kaiser (left) and New Kaiser (right) test driving the New Barge

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