In my quest to fully evaluate the top breakfast restaurants in Newport, I convinced Mrs. Horne and our friends the King’s to take the 1 mile walk from Bowens Wharf to Belle’s Cafe at the Newport Shipyard.

Before I get into the breakfast, let me say that the Shipyard itself was worth the trip. Everywhere you look you see mega yachts in dry dock. I’m talking about 100′ to 200′ ships. As cool as these massive ships are, the massive trailers they use to move everything around are even more fascinating.

The Food

As of today, Belle’s Cafe is ranked #2 on Yelp behind the Corner Cafe for Best Breakfast in Newport. And while the food is good, I think the ranking has a lot to do with the incredible atmosphere.

First of all, the dining area is outside surrounded by the ships…

Newport Shipyard Breakfast Area

There is also some inside seating off to the side of the walk up order counter…

Newport Shipyard Belle's order counter

The menu offers most of standard breakfast dishes plus some dishes you might not expect…

Newport Shipyard Breakfast Menu

But based on the set-ups they had going out in the kitchen, I’m guessing pancakes are a hot seller…

Newport Shipyard Cook

Newport Shipyard Pancake

Our Breakfast

The long walk over had built up our appetites, but everyone was in the mood for savory, so no pancakes for us.

Newport Shipyard Omelette
White Egg Omelet
Newport Shipyard Egg Sausage Muffin
Egg and Sausage Muffin
Newport Shipyard Home Fries
Home Fries

By the way, ordering is a bit of a hybrid. You go up and place your order, pay, and they give you a pager. When your meals ready they page you. In our case, our table was out of range, but they just brought our food out.

Logo and Ship Store

I’m a huge fan of unique logos, particularly on the back of my tee-shirts. After breakfast we shopped in the Shipyard Store and found quite a few unique items sporting their beautiful logo.

Newport Shipyard Ship Store

It’s a very interesting place in that they have typical ship store supplies mixed in with cool consumer goods adorned with they’re logo.

There are a lot of great breakfast spots in Newport, but Belle’s Cafe offers an ambiance head and shoulders above the rest.

Maybe next time I’ll try them for lunch!


NOTE: I’m a little short on photo’s so a few of what you’ve seen here came from my friends on Yelp and Facebook