Mrs. Horne and I returned to Mattapoisett very late Sunday night and spent the week getting the house in order.

Mrs. Horne did a great job touching up some of damage done by the four major northeaster’s and deserved a night out, so we hit up our favorite local spot.

It turned out to be a promotional night for some new vodka (Ice Pik) and a new IPA from Shipyard Brewery called FINDER.

I love a good IPA draft, but Turks only offers cans and bottles. Richie told me that they’d never do draft unless “they did it right.” He said it would cost $30,000 to put in a proper system. Given their daily crowd at the bar, why bother?

Anyway, I was about to order my usual (Grey Goose, rocks, blue cheese olives)…

Turk’s Grey Goose and Blue Cheese Olives

But for some reason, I decided to ask Tara about the promotion I saw on Facebook.

She said, “there’s this vodka called Ice Pik and a new IPA from Shipyard, want to try it?”

Why not? And like everything Tara serves, it was perfect!

She took an ice cold chilled glass from the freezer and a can of Finder from the bottom of an ice tank and let me pour it myself…

I am happy to report that I’ll no longer be afraid to order beer in a can at Turks as long as Tara’s behind the bar!

The Food

We started with steamers and a half a dozen little necks. I didn’t think anyone needed to see a photo – they looked great as usual.

Next we tried a new dish that was incredible…

It’s seared scallops and crab in a shallot cream sauce. The accompanying asparagus was perfectly seasoned and al dente. Likewise for the mixed fingerlings. I admit Mrs. Horne and I dipped the potatoes in the sauce once all the scallops were gone.

Then to finish things up, we shared a Sunshine Roll…

As previously reported, the sushi at Turk’s is a work of art and culinary delight.

Just before we left, the team from Shipyard started setting up and we stopped by and grabbed some SWAG…

Shipyard SWAG

Then Tara gave us some entry forms for a Red Sox ticket raffle that was part of the promotion (by the way, we won the tickets and gave them to Tara, but Turks being an upright place didn’t think that was fair and took them back).

Vigilant Launched!

As I started to pull onto Route 6 to head home, Mrs. Horne said “let’s go see if they launched Vigilant today.” So I turned right…

One of the many nice things about Mattapoisett Boatyard is that they let us use their primo slip early in the season. This makes it very easy for me to provision her for the season.

Here are a few photos I snapped just before sunset…

MBY Spring 18 3MBY Spring 18 2MBY Spring 18

Next week I’ll be finishing up my spring Destination Series with a few restaurant reviews on Martha’s Vineyard followed by a comprehensive report. Although we’re hoping to make our first cruise on Wednesday and if we do, I’ll be sure to report on it!