The season began today as Mrs. Horne, her sister Paula and I kicked things off with a little Dock and Dine.

Considering that it snowed here 3 weeks ago, the temperature forecast was unbelievable – mid 70’s. Of course it’s May 2nd so the wind forecast was more typical for Buzzards Bay – light winds in the morning followed by a steady 20+ knot southwest wind in the afternoon.

On days like this I generally head up the canal to Sandwich. Its easy getting there as well as the first half of the ride home. Worst case is 5 miles of total snot from the mouth of the canal to Angelica.

We left Mattapoisett Boat Yard around 11:00 with a one hour cruise. It’s only 17 miles, but we can only go 10 MPH in the canal, so that slowed us down.

Mrs. Horne and her sister Paula

It worked out fine since Mrs. Horne and Paula had a lot of paperwork to catch up on.

About 15 minutes out, I checked the Accuweather App and saw 74 degrees!

We got to Sandwich Marina and got hit by three things:

First of all, there was no one working at the Marina. This meant Mrs. Horne would have to do the landing and tie up all by herself.

Second, and more troubling, was a large yacht tied up the entire length of our favorite floating dock. I don’t think they needed the entire dock, but since there was no dockmaster, they just parked themselves right in the middle blocking anyone else from using the dock.

And third was the arrival of the 20 knot blow. It was coming in just off the starboard bow as I entered the diminutive boat basin, which meant tying up anywhere other than the usual spot was going to be tricky.

As we all know, after 6 months ashore, we forget all the little things about operating a boat that make everything go smoothly. Both the captain and crew had a few rough moments yesterday. But after a little early season drama, we made it and tied up at the end of the pier just south of the gas dock.

Vigilant with the “Dock Hog” in the background!

I generally love preseason boating and while it’s a pain docking you can tie up anywhere and IT’S FREE!

The Fisherman’s View

I think I’ve reached the point where my default restaurant in Sandwich is the F/V.

I’ll still go to the Pilot House if it’s warm and not too windy to sit outside.

The crowd at the F/V was surprisingly light on this gorgeous Wednesday. I’d have thought the weather might have brought out a bunch of working stiffs for lunch!

The Food

Since it was lunch on a Wednesday, we decided to order light.

Mrs. Horne and Paula shared one of their massive Nacho appetizers ($10). I snuck a few and they couldn’t finish it!

I felt like fried seafood. I toyed with the idea of the Scallop Roll (which I had the last time), considered Fish and Chips, but I wasn’t that hungry and suddenly I got an epiphany.

I ordered a Fried Cod Sandwich ($11) and told them to hold the bun…

This is a great way to get a mini Fish and Chips – I’ll probably do it elsewhere from now on. F/V puts a pickle medley on their Cod Sandwich and they gave it to me on the side – it made a perfect tart reprieve from the fried food.

Tony Zecco

About this time a fellow approached our table and said “you’re Dave Horne aren’t you?”

Turns out it was Tony Zecco owner of Zecco Marina in Wareham and a fan of My Buzzards Bay. Tony had briefly owned a Back Cove 34 – that he bought from Boston Yacht Sales, but ended up selling it due his back issues.

Me and Tony Zecco

What a gentleman; Tony gave me his card and offered us a slip if we ever wanted to stay in Wareham. We talked briefly about restaurants in Wareham and he mentioned Cafe SoleilIt turns out that it has a 4 1/2 Star rating on Yelp – which is about as good as it gets!

I did a little more research on Cafe Soleil and now I’m really curious. I found this story in South Coast Today and learned that they don’t have a website, they don’t take reservations, they don’t even have a phone! But they do have great food, reasonable prices and a view of the Wareham River.

Mrs. Horne suggested a night in Wareham and I fully concur – Tony, we’ll be talking!

By the way, Paula was very impressed that Tony recognized me and introduced himself – she said “I didn’t know I was having lunch with a celebrity!”

Seriously, I’m no celebrity, just a guy with a blessed life who loves telling stories. And nothing makes happier than knowing people read and appreciate My Buzzards Bay  Feel free to approach me any time, introduce yourself,  and tell me your story!

The Boat Launching Crunch

Both MBY and Sandwich Marina are buried trying to get boats in the water. Still, the parking lots in both are still stacked wall to wall with boats yearning to be at sea!

On the way out, I checked my app again and saw it was now 79 degrees. This will surely have all the boat owners crying to get launched by this weekend – which is forecast to be great…

The ride home was as expected. We took The Old Canal to avoid getting pounded at the mouth of Buzzards Bay and beat into 5 footers for 20 minutes from Red Brook to Angelica.

All in all a great day. Looking forward to another adventure on Saturday to who knows where?