In 2017, Edgartown eliminated their free blue town moorings and put all their moorings on Dockwa for $40 for 11:00 AM through 10:00 AM regardless of how long you stay. Want to stay over night for 23 hours? It’s $40. Want to stay for 2 hours and go to lunch? Its still $40!

On top of that, those cool Vineyard Vines launches are $4/head each way. This means a party of eight coming in for a Dock and Dine will pay $40 plus another $64 (8 people times $4.00 times 2 trips) or $104.

Day dockage at the Harborside Inn is $75 plus a tip for the dockmaster making it actually cheaper than going to a mooring.

Barry Harborside
Barry The Friendly Dockmaster

Although you can call the Harborside (508-627-4312) and reach the Dockmaster Barry at extension 117, I don’t think he’s ever answered the phone for good reason — he’s almost always out on the dock helping people.

He does come in quickly if you hail him on Channel 10.

I’ve found that the issue at Harborside isn’t dock space, but rather the limits in how many boats Barry can handle at one time – ONE.

I frequently get “sit tight and let me look around and figure out where I can put you” when I reach him. Of course by then, we’re already past the Edgartown Yacht Club and we can see Barry scurrying up and down the dock.

Although Harborside is a fixed dock, it extremely well padded and I never bother with fenders. Barry will take your lines and tie you up.

Vigilant Harborside

I like pulling in bow first so we can hang out on the back deck of Vigilant and enjoy the view of Edgartown Harbor before heading in to town.

Harborside Gate
The dock at Harborside is literally 300 feet from downtown Edgartown

Another great thing about The Harborside Inn is the location.  The greenery covered walkway from the Harborside exists right next to Backwater Trading Company and across the street from the main Black Dog store making it a perfect spot for shoppers who don’t went to lug their purchases too far.

Although my “go to” restaurant in Edgartown is The Seafood Shanty, virtually every guest we bring to the Island wants to stop at the Black Dog Store before leaving.

Now on Dockwa!

Beginning in 2018, the Harborside Inn is available for overnight booking on Dockwa.

Based on their pricing, it’s clear that they know how dear an overnight slip in downtown Edgartown is. I just checked for tonight – May 4th and it’s $470! But at least you can now book a slip in Edgartown…