Last Autumn, Mrs. Horne, Daisy (our Westie), and I snuck away for a midweek getaway to Oak Bluffs – click here for the full report.

We arrived around noon and decided to take Daisy to the only place in Oak Bluffs that served both beer and dogs. It turns out dogs are only allowed at two tables that are closer to the street than they are to the bar!

Offshore Ale Co Dog Tables
The Two “Dog Friendly” Tables

It was low on atmosphere, but kind if cool in that there was a big barrel of peanuts and everyone just tossed the shells on the floor. Of course it wasn’t so cool once Daisy started munching on the shells and coughing them up!

Beer Here!

It’s called The Offshore Ale House and thus all they sell is their own beer so Mrs. Horne got brave and tried a golden ale.

We split an incredible fish sandwich, but we were so hungry that I forgot to take a picture before we devoured it. Thanks to the Internet, I was able to locate a very nice photo taken by someone named Kevin (thanks)…

Offshore Ale Co Fish Sandwich

Looks like Kevin had regular fries. We opted for truffle Parmesan fries – probably the best I’ve had of late. I did snap a picture of what was left after we had our fill.

My brother in law Paul always orders his fries “well done” and he would love these crispy beauties.

Fun, Dogs, Craft Beer, and Good Food

As of this morning, the Offshore Ale Company Pub is coming up as #5 on yelp for Oaks Bluff. More importantly, it’s getting 4 stars from 264 reviews, which is about as good as it gets.

I’ll give it another try, but I’ll be leaving Daisy on the boat so I can sit at the bar and talk to the locals…

Daisy Oak Bluffs
Next time Daisy stays on the boat!