Yesterday was a big day for partying. Not only was it Cinco De Mayo, but it was also Kentucky Derby Day. It turned out to be a nice day to take our first cruise to Martha’s Vineyard.

It was a weird weather day. Friday night the wind howled and it was still blowing close to 20 when I went over to clean the windows for the cruise. But as forecast, the wind actually died down between 11:00 and 3:00 and it turned out to be the quietest time of the day.

We set off from MBY at 11:00 and our original destination was The Black Dog Wharf, but once we cleared Woods Hole, it was so smooth we decided to go that extra couple of miles to Oak Bluffs.

Cruising in early May is a little tricky because you never know what’s going to be open. I know the Chartroom doesn’t open until May 17. I was doing a little research on the internet one day and I discovered this great page on Facebook – What’s Open on Martha’s Vineyard (they also have an app). After a few clicks I discovered that The Seafood Shanty wasn’t open (May 16), but both The lookout Tavern and Offshore Ale House were.

After years of driving past Oak Bluffs en route to Edgartown, we returned last fall for a little adventure and got fogged in at Oak Bluffs. On that trip we discovered the Lookout Tavern and as the mercury climbed near 70 and the sun broke through the clouds, that became our destination for the day.

As I mentioned Thursday, cruising this time of year is nice in that you can go anywhere, pick your spot to tie-up, and most likely there’s no dockmaster working so it’s free!

Such was the day in Oak Bluffs. There were no more than a half a dozen boats and a sea of winter sticks as we entered the basin.

All but 2 slips were empty so we grabbed #79 – the same slip we had last fall…

Once tied up, I shot a panoramic video of the deserted boat basin…

As has become a tradition, we settled down to bask in the pre-season sun and enjoyed a cleansing ale before heading ashore.

Peter and Me

Mrs. Horne and her new seat cushions

The Lookout Tavern sits up on the bluff overlooking the beach on Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Sound. If you didn’t know better, you’d think this place was just a tourist trap but it’s not; it’s actually a great seafood eatery.

The first time we were there, it was pea soup fog so we ate inside and enjoyed the funky island vibe. Yesterday was sunny, clear, and almost warm, so we grabbed a table just inside the porch with a 180 degree view of Vineyard Sound.

Although I don’t think it ever reached 70, I was wearing a long sleeve tee-shirt and I never felt remotely cool.

We hadn’t sat for long when our most excellent server Becca arrived and took our beer orders. Becca was wearing a short sleeve shirt and suddenly it felt like midsummer on the Vineyard. I wanted to capture the moment so I asked her if I could take her picture. After a weak protest she said “sure”.

Tell me, does this look like summer or what!

The Food

When we ate there in September we split Fish Taco’s for lunch.

Lookout Oak Bluffs

They were great; the Mango Salsa and homemade potato chips were unique and put this dish above others you might find on the Cape or Islands.

Yesterday Peter and I split a dozen Littlenecks and a Cubano Panini.

Mary Lee and Mrs. Horne split The Edamame.

Mary Lee had the Grilled Chicken Sandwich…

Mrs. Horne had the Spicy Salmon Roll Sushi and Fries for dessert!

I hope to get back there for dinner soon and I’ll get you a better update then. In the meantime, I’ll leave with a few mouthwatering photos from my social media friends…

Lookout Oysters
Edgartown Oysters
Lookout Clam Bake
Clam Bake
Lookout Sauteed Lobster Roll
Sauteed Lobster Roll and Homemade Chips
Lookout Sushi