Our #1 crew Gail and Rudy are down for a few days. Last week featured spectacular weather, but the forecast for the weekend was sketchy and generally wet followed by nice weather on Monday and Tuesday.

Based on this, we planned to shift our weekend to Sunday and Monday. Of course that was the forecast three days ago. By Saturday morning, Saturday was clearing and Sunday was now sunny with a breeze.

This led to a quick change of plans and we decided to depart MBY around 2:30 and head to our favorite Dock and DineThe Chartroom for a late lunch. The Chartroom serves their lunch menu all day and adds Dinner Entrees at 5:30, but that was fine with us since we were interested in Steamers and Sandwiches.

Mooring no Slip

My general rule is to get to Kingman just before noon to make sure we get a slip. We have only arrived a few times after 3:00, but still we got a slip. No slip yesterday – although there were some spots open.

We called Channel 71 and were directed to mooring S-4, which was actually just off the old tire breakwater.


Mrs. Horne and Rudy picked up the mooring cleanly on the first try. The Kingman launch arrived in less than 5 minutes and promptly dropped us off at the fuel dock. Truth be told, this was much easier than hauling out bumpers and dock lines. Even more so when it came time to depart.

The Food Never Gets Old

I admit it, we seldom venture off our favorites at The Chartroom. Since the photos I took came out so well, I just had to share them…

Large Portion of Steamers
Classic Reuben on Rye with Potato Salad
Reuben on Grilled Portuguese Bread – My Favorite

Did you know that you can split a sandwich with a friend and The Chartroom will give each of you your favorite side. Mrs. Horne and Gail split the Pastrami on Swiss…


Thanks To Brendan

Last night I opened Instagram and found a message from a follower with a nice photo of Vigilant leaving Red Brook Harbor.

Bassett 3

It came from a fellow named Brendan who’s a follower of My Buzzards Bay. He was on his tender when Vigilant moored off Kingman and recognized her as the flagship of this site. He was home on Scraggly Neck when as we headed home and he snapped a few photos with his phone.

Thanks again Brenden, I think it really captured the day!

Ending The Day on The Mooring

As you can see in Brendan’s photo, the skies had turned ominously black by 5:00. I checked my weather app and it said “Rain in 19 Minutes”. We were 20 minutes away from home.

Sure enough, Mrs. Horne had to don her raincoat to pick up the mooring. Given that the launch was open to the elements and about a 5 minute ride, we decided to hang out for a while on the mooring, have a drink, and just chit chat.

After about 20 minutes the sun came out and we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon…