Day Two in Nantucket didn’t quite start like the weatherman promised. Not only did the 70 degree forecast vanish in thin air (revised forecast high was now 59), but it was raining!

I brewed my morning coffee and turned on the heat.

Nantucket Tide

Mrs. Horne didn’t sleep well because the boat and dock creaked most of the night.

NBB is all fixed piers and the tidal shift on the island is greater than that in Buzzards Bay. On top of that, we were just coming out of the New Moon and the sea level shifted almost 8 feet from high to low.

When we arrived, the tide was a few hours shy of high and the dock hand tightened all the lines accidentally. When the tide went out, the lines got very tight. The pilings and the rub rails on Vigilant made a screeching sound about 3:00 AM. Not good.

About 5:00 AM I ventured out, loosened the lines, and ended the screeching. Mrs. Horne slept like a baby until 8:30. Happy Wife – Happy Life!

Breakfast on Board

In light of the rain, I decided it would be a good day to attempt cooking breakfast in the galley.

I had packed the ingredients for sausage, egg, and cheese sandwiches so I fired up the cook top and went to work.

I had bought some egg rings on Amazon which were the key to getting the proper shape and thickness.

I only had a toaster and a flat top on board – no broiler, which made it difficult to melt the cheddar cheese. I came up with a workaround. I just poured a little egg in the ring and then dropped a square of cheese in.

I then top it with more egg and let it cook.

I must say, the finished product was quite good…

Rainy Morning Fun

The forecast was for afternoon clearing, so the after breakfast mission was to make the most of the morning.

Mrs. Horne, her sister Paula, and Joan Ruel took up the mantle of many a great mariner…

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!

Paula, Joan, and Mrs. Horne

Meanwhile, I invited Jon over to watch the second round of the US Open.

We enjoyed a few cups of French Roast and shared tales of the sea until the girl’s came home with Nantucket garb for the Grand Babies…

BBQ Surprise

On Thursday I had noticed a place called Back Yard BBQ just off the Straight Wharf.

I thought it was a little odd to see BBQ in this gourmet seafood haven.

Thanks to my Vigilant Egg Sandwiches, the girls wanted a light lunch and didn’t think BBQ fit the bill.

I looked up the menu on yelp and told them the had soup and salad. I also noticed they had a solid 4 star rating, which is incredible for a BBQ joint on Nantucket.

Since it was still raining lightly, we donned our rain gear and headed there for lunch.

I’ll doing a proper review later, but let me just say this place rocks! It’s good a sports bar vibe with the aroma of authentic BBQ.

It didn’t hurt to have Rosie as our outstanding server!

Sunshine and Friends!

The gray and raw day transitioned over to Classic spring sunshine while we dined.

We had just gotten word that our friends Paul and Ellen were enroute from Padanaram so we scheduled an impromptu cocktail party for 5:30 on the back deck of Vigilant.

I was planning on a quick shower and reading when a string of surprise guests arrived!

First aboard was Kevin and Hedi.

We met Kevin last August in Plymouth on our trip to Maine. Since then I’ve run into him a few times, mostly at boat shows. There’s a good reason why – Kevin wants to move up from his Back Cove 30.

Yesterday we met his wife Hedi for the first time. Kevin wanted to show her Vigilant and I’m pretty sure it was part of his plot get her to go along with his new dream boat – the Back Cove 37.

Just remember Kevin, you gave me your word that you’ll talk to my friend Joyce at Boston Yacht Sales when the time comes!

No sooner did Kevin and Hedi leave then Mrs. Horne’s friend from PGA West – Nancy MacNeill texted saying she was at the Boat Basin and stopping by. I’d met Nancy before, but this was the first time we’d be meeting her husband Harris.

Nancy also had her little dog Zeus, who immediately ran to every corner of the boat.

The arrival of friends from California was all Mrs Horne needed to raise the “Its 5:00 Somewhere” flag and order up a G&T.

I had great time talking careers with Harris who’s path in engineering led him to creating the biggest athletic shoe spike business in the world.

Just as the MacNeill’s were leaving, I got an email from Ellen Iannini reporting that they were entering Nantucket harbor. I ran to the end of the dock and waved, but I think they were fully focused on figuring out where to dock in this massive boat basin.

By 5:45 we had the Iannini’s, Ruel’s, and their guests on board for the official cocktail party.

The Proprieters Table

I had made reservations for five at 7:00 at very unique restaurant called The Proprieters Table. Once again, my trusted help led the way!

Yep, this place currently hold the coveted #1 restaurant spot for Nantucket. I’ll do a thorough review down the road, but suffice it to say, it’s a well earned distinction.

Here a couple of pics of two signature dishes…

Fried Pig’s Ears
Grilled Octopus

The food is very eclectic but combines familiar tastes that dance on the he pallette. Ellen and Paul joined us which allowed us to sample a greater variety of both small and large plates.

On the way home we passed this rather unusual (and huge) statue. It had to be 15 feet tall and stood very near the sidewalk.

It was rather bizzare and as my grandson Jack likes to say “very scary.”

Beautiful Dreamer

As we made the turn to head for the docks, we heard a beautiful violin coming from in front of Ralph Lauren.

The fellow playing was Bobby MaGuire and in case you didn’t recognize the song, it was Beautiful Dreamer.

I talked to Bobby when he finished and it turns out that it was written by his great, great, great grandfather Stephen Foster in 1862.

He had just recently learned it and planned to surprise her on her birthday.

Don’t tell her!