I woke up to our third day in Nantucket with absolutely no agenda. Sure, we’d kicked around a few ideas but nothing concrete.

There was almost no wind so Vigilant rested perfectly still on the Straight Wharf and the girls slept in.

A Fog Island Breakfast

Isn’t San Francisco supposed to be Fog City? Who knows? But I do know the top rated breakfast on Nantucket is served at a place called the Fog Island Cafe, so that’s where we went for our first meal of the day.

At 9:00 on a Saturday morning the place was hopping, but we were seated immediately.

I’ll do a full review down the road, but I’ll tell you my “Little Buddy Bene” was outstanding!

From the eggs up this was a classic Eggs Benedict. Under the egg was a sausage patty and half of a homemade biscuit.

Walking It Off

I’ve been a dedicated fitness tracker ever since my daughter gave me a Misfit for Christmas several years ago.

For me a good day is 15,000 steps. I’ve cracked 25,000 a few times and anything under 10,000 is basically “taking a day off.”

I’ve found that it’s not too difficult to get in 15,000 steps while cruising since you have to walk everywhere.

Thanks to a couple of 20,000 step days earlier in the week, I was already over 70,000 when I woke up Saturday morning (the 7th day in a Misfit week).

But Mrs. Horne wanted to get some exercise in, so we headed out to see the Nantucket Light House after breakfast.

Nantucket Street Fair

If you’re shopping for local crafts or just looking for some handmade eye candy, checkout the Saturday morning street fair.

There were a few food items for sale, but most were arts and crafts.

To The Lighthouse!

After a brief stroll among the merchants, we headed north to find the famous lighthouse.

It’s about a mile each way and a very scenic look at the village part of Nantucket.

I must admit that the one mile walk flew by, but the brick sidewalk was very cool.

The lighthouse is surprisingly small, but it’s surrounded by a very nice beach.

Walking The Basin

We got back to the boat around noon. After a quick “Navy Shower” (rinse, shut off the shower, soap, rinse it off), I decided to circumnavigate NBB.

If you’re here with time on your hands, it’s a nice way to spend 30 minutes to an hour.

First tip is to get away from the main walkway that the tourists trudge down boarding and departing the ferries.

Once you’re on the docks, you can check out the various fish charters.

People who cruise overnight by boat are generally quite friendly. Earlier in the day I saw a Sabre 48 from Falmouth go by and I thought it would be fun to introduce myself and see if they knew Joyce.

It turned out that they bought Sea Squire in Connecticut and didn’t know anyone at Boston Yacht Sales.

Their names were Jack and Karen Mitchell…

They gave me another tip. The standing policy at NBB requires a minimum 2 night stand. They had booked at the last minute on Dockwa and were able to visit for Saturday night only.

Living The Yachting Dream

We had some loose plans to visit the Cisco Brewery, but we didn’t know when and we didn’t know how.

Around 1:00, Mrs. Horne’s friend Nancy MacNeill texted her with the solution. She invited us to tour their yacht at 2:00 and offered to drive all 5 of us to the Cisco Brewery later.

Being the consummate hosts, Nancy and Harris had hors d’ouvres and cocktails waiting for us on the flying bridge of their Princess 64 – My Buddy.

The MacNeills have one of the top spots at NBB near the entrance on the inside of the Straight Wharf by the dock office.

I promised we will stay near them when we return in the fall.

The Cisco Trip

I admit that I’m a little late to the IPA party. In fact if my nephew Danny hadn’t left a six pack of Lost Sailor on board when he visited us in Block Island last summer, I might still be drinking Bud Light.

I discovered Cisco’s Whale Tale last summer when I was looking for more Lost Sailor. It was odd to see beer brewed on Nantucket. Even odder that it was competitively priced.

When we first started talking about visiting Nantucket, Jon Ruel said “you have to visit the Cisco Brewery, it’s a lot of fun.” It was, and it wasn’t at all what I expected!

It feels like you’re walking down a little street in a village that’s holding a festival.

The little street is lined with food shops and Cisco bars. On the left is the “Beer Shop”. On the right is the company store for the distillery.

Further down the street on the left is a shop selling shirts, hats, and other Cisco branded stuff. To the right of the store is a little tent with a really good band!

There were several tables and benches in front of the band, but at 4:00 PM they were all filled with happy little Millennials.

I asked out loud – “I wonder when you have to get here to snag one of those seats?”

Still, we found a bench and once again made new friends…

This was my first time hanging out with The Iannini’s. Little did I know that they’re both bourbon lovers.

Ellen and I headed into the distillery store and quickly found something called Nor’easter Bourbon.

Ellen got us a free shot, but it tasted a little harsh for $60 a bottle. I ordered a glass on the rocks and it was much smoother as it chilled and mixed with water.

Ellen’s my kind of girl. She bought a whole bottle and donated it to the Vigilant Bar!

Although Ellen thought Mrs. Horne should text Nancy to come and get us, we knew we had to find our own way back to town.

We got to the shuttle staging area just as one shuttle was pulling away. A few minutes later another shuttle pulled up, but the line of people in front of us filled it up. I mean they packed it!

Ellen said “if that shuttle was a boat it would sink.”

Anyway, we were now at the head of the line when a taxi pulled up to drop off their fare. Mrs. Horne ran up and landed us a very comfortable ride home – far better than being packed in the shuttle like sardines.

By the way, the cab fare back to NBB was $23, which seemed reasonable.

Appearing Live At NBB

We got back to our boats around 5:30. The Ruel’s were all on the deck of True North, so we grabbed a couple of chairs and joined them.

Suddenly I got a flash that this was the perfect time to break out my set of “No Shoes” boat songs.

Our friends seemed to like my music, but friends always seem be appreciative.

As the set went on, people from other boats came over and joined the fun. Mrs. Horne tells me to stick to songs everyone can sing along with – so I did!

A young couple in the boat next to Jon’s were really getting into the mood.

Derek and Toni

Derek requested some Lynyrd Skynyrd. I briefly considered Free Bird, but quickly remembered my ending is a letdown without the guitar solo.

Then I remembered my classic from my California band Route 66 and played “They Call Me The Breeze.”

A New Tradition?

Mrs. Horne is a very thoughtful and considerate woman – far more than I. She believes that I intrude on others “space” when I give my impromptu Boat Song performances in marinas.

I would never dare question her good manners, but that crowd last night seemed to really enjoy themselves.

I think we may have a new tradition on the horizon.

Oath Pizza Take Out on NBB

Eventually I ran out of songs to sing and we returned to Vigilant with Paul and Ellen.

Having noticed Oath Pizza next to Cru as we entered our dock, I suggested ordering pizzas.

I fired up their website, passed the IPad and everyone custom ordered what they wanted.

The pizzas are 11″, a little bigger than a personal size.

The crusts are thin and they partially prebake them so they can finish them in 5 minutes.

They were quite tasty, even when they got a little cold.

I’m guessing this was not the last time I’ll spend an afternoon at the Cisco Brewery followed by Oath Pizza on the boat.