We’re in Edgartown at the Town Wharf for a mini vacation (story to follow).

I will tell you that we only decided to stay here at the last minute. The Edgartown Harbormaster only offers 2 spots for big boats and they tend to sell out in February.

We were scheduled for a trip to Green Harbor, Marblehead, and Provincetown, but the weather turned for the worse so we stayed home on Saturday and had a great dinner at Turks.

Anyway, we ended up here and we were sitting on the back deck on Vigilant when we noticed a guy with two kids coming down the dock.

One of the kids stood out due his beautiful golden curly hair. The guy said hi and we talked boats for a while.

Then a woman came down with a very young child – I guess you could say a baby.

We chatted a little more and I discovered that the couple was Jonathan and Lily Bingham and that Lily is also a travel/lifestyle blogger like moi!

Lily’s blog is called Boats, Boards, and Babies.

They were heading out to their sailboat to go to Vineyard Haven for the night.

Truth be told, it wasn’t a great evening; kind of gray with thunderstorms in the forecast. No problem for Vigilant snuggly tied to a wharf for the night with her “submarine aft doors”, but hardly a night for a 15 mile sail with a baby and two other young kids.

Jonathan said to watch for them going by in their sailboat and we did.

Here they go around 5:30 leaving Edgartown…

As they left, Lily gave me her Instagram name @boatsboardsandbabies and I immediately started following her.

I messaged her later that night just to make sure they got to Vineyard Haven okay and they did.

Cool Stories

Everyone has a story – some are cooler than others. It looks to me that the Bingham’s have a very cool story.

When I tell people my story, a lot of them say “you’re living the dream” and I guess they’re right.

But not everyone knows what we went through to get here – 5 years of night school getting my MBA, relocating all over the world, and 5 years of commuting 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM in 1990’s Silicon Valley traffic.

But in our semi-golden years we’re actually living the life I daydreamed about for decades. And now I get to tell stories to boot!

Knowing first hand my own 30 year journey to get here, I became fascinated about how a young family like the Bingham’s managed to do the same.

Thanks to Google, it’s easy to learn peoples stories – if they want them told (just look at me).

I’m happy to say that Jon and Lily want to share their stories too!

The American Success Story

I was fortunate enough to land in Silicon Valley in the 1990’s. That’s when all hell broke loose and anyone with an idea got funded and internet millionaires were growing like wildfire.

Then the bubble burst and it realty sucker punched entrepreneurs – it seemed like the dream died.

Not for Jonathan Bingham.

Jon and his brother Justin are modern day versions of the brilliant entrepreneurs I worked with back in the day in Silicon Valley.

Janeiro Digital

Jon and Justin chased their dream and after a couple of speed bumps created Janeiro Digital – a $25 million dollar software company growing like crazy.

As interesting as the “Brothers Bingham” story is, I think it’s more interesting that Jonathan has chosen to live an incredible and balanced life with his family rather than burying himself in his job like so many successful young entrepreneurs.

And this explains how this young family crossed my path Sunday night en route to Vineyard Haven.

Jonathan has crafted a dream life that balances a stellar career and provides his family a dream life on the sea.

Even better, his wife Lily has a passion for story telling and she’s sharing their dream on in her blog.

I’m now a follower – maybe you should too.