The Seafood Shanty has always offered just about everything you could want in a Seaside Eatery – Ocean Views, Great Food, and Super Friendly Service.

But I was always a little disappointed when sat at a table on the outside deck.

During the off-season they completed a major renovation that dramatically improved the second floor dining experience and for that reason I decided to update my Seaside Eatery Report (you can link to two other 2017 reports below).

This update also highlights a few new dishes that I highly recommend.

The Problems With The Old Deck

I have dined at the Seafood Shanty about 50 times. In the beginning we always ate out on the back deck, but due to past shortcomings (that have all been remedied – see below), we switched to the inside tables in the second floor bar.

Our other family – The McGrath’s at The Shanty

The problems with the old deck set-up were numerous…

1. The side railings blocked the beautiful view of Chappaquiddick and Katama Bay

2. The open metal grid table tops leaked any drink (or Ketchup) immediately on to your shorts or skirt.

3. Several years ago they added a north facing outside bar. It was a very nice spot for half a dozen lucky patrons, but it completely blocked the view of Vineyard Sound for everyone else. On top of that, these seats seemed to attract all-day bar dwellers who sat glued to their stools for hours making it impossible for others to enjoy these great seats.

An Outside Deck That Works!

In May I saw something on The Seafood Shanty Facebook Page about a deck renovation, but until my Sunday visit, I thought it was just cosmetic.


In late June we visited the Shanty, but it was blowing a bit so we ate inside. Last Sunday was “a Perfect 10”, so we sat outside and finally experienced the new deck. I’m happy to report that all of the old shortcomings have been rectified.

Seafood Shanty New Window Railings
The View Blocking old High Railings are gone – replaced with glass panels
Seafood Shanty - New Side Table with View
New Chairs and Tables that don’t “leak”…
Seafood Shanty - New High Top
New High Tops positioned close to the bar to provide “stadium seating” without blocking view
Seafood Shanty Long Hi Top
Extended High Tops on the south side of the deck where they do not obstruct the view

I am happy to report that The Seafood Shanty deck configuration is finally as great as the view and the food.

Food Updates

Here are some of the great dishes we’ve collectively enjoyed already this season…

Seafood Shanty Caesar
Classic Caesar with Mixed Bread Croutons
Seafood Shanty Beet Salad
Deconstructed Beet Salad
Seafood Shanty Wings
Honest Buffalo Wings
Seafood Shanty Mussels
Mussels with Garlic and Herbs
Seafood Shanty - Crunchy Salmon Roll
Crunchy Salmon Roll
Seafood Shanty - Margarita Flatbread
Margherita Pizza
Seafood Shanty - Grill Tuna Sandwich
Grilled Tuna Sandwich

Service With A Smile

As I reported in –  You Meet The Nicest People in Edgartown at The Harborside Inn and Seafood Shanty, I have yet to have bad service at The Seafood Shanty and last Sunday was no exception.

Our service was provided by Lee-Ann…

Seafood Shanty Leeane

Not only was she there whenever our drinks ran low, but she made sure our food came out HOT (very important) and needless to say, she did it with a great smile.

There are dozens of outstanding restaurants in Edgartown, but I remain convinced that The Seafood Shanty offers the best combination of atmosphere, views, food, and service.

You can find a first report with additional details by clicking here.