As we were plowing through the occasional 10 foot rolling wave several miles off the Rhode Island coast yesterday morning, I said to Rudy…

“Back in the Mean Kitty days, I’d ask myself if the seas were going to be calm enough to go out today.”

“Now I ask myself if there is anything that’s too much for Vigilant to handle.”

Our destination was Block Island. The weather forecast was slightly better than last Friday, but not by much. We watched Chelsea Priest’s weather report at 6:00 on WLNE New Bedford and heard the dreaded words – 30 knot gusts. But only a slight chance of fog.

Gail and Rudy met us at MBY just before 9:00 and we shoved off on the 55 mile trek at 9:04. I ran nearly wide open as long as possible, but by West Island I had to throttle back to 22 mph in the face of 3-4 footers.

Unlike last week, when the waves were abeam from the east, these were southwesters and we were hitting them head on.

I was hoping that things would smooth once we got to Rhode Island Sound, but no; we hit 4-6 footers, although they were farther apart.

Around Westport Mrs. Horne asked “are we halfway, can we go somewhere closer?”

I said “Give it another 10 minutes”

The next thing I knew Rudy was running to the stern and Gail was heaving over the transom. I slowed to 10 mph, but we were now into 8-10 footers and we were really rocking. All three of them got soaked.

Right after Rudy returned, a monster wave smashed two of the three windshield wipers out of commission and the one in the center window was just hanging and flapping in the wind.

I changed course for Newport and started to text Breezy at Ballard’s Marina to tell her we wouldn’t be there until Friday. I told Rudy to tell the girls my new plan and he came back and said “They really want to go to Block Island. And so we did.

If 30 knot gusts and 10 foot waves don’t keep Vigilant down, I’m not sure anything will!

Back At Our Island Home

About 7 miles out the southern tip of Block Island emerged from the haze and just like that, our harrowing trip vanished into just another tale of the sea.

Breezy gave us the big boat spot docked parallel to the straight wharf.

We headed out to lunch at the Mohegan Pub and quickly ordered beverages. Gail was 100% again…

This was our first visit to the Mohegan. I “went off the reservation” and ordered a Falafel which was outstanding.

Rudy had forgotten his bathing suit so we stopped at a shop on the way back to the boat. Suddenly I heard “Hi Dave” and turned to find my favorite Meteorologist – WLNE’s Chelsea Priest…

Where To Find Wipers on Block Island?

Block Island is just the first leg of our one week tour and I have no idea what kind of weather we’ll hit next week – so I needed to get my windshield wipers working.

I emailed Back Cove’s resident service expert Guy Seiders to find the model and he replied almost instantly “Standard automotive 20″, make sure you get the mounting hardware.”

Thanks Guy. I immediately hit up amazon and found some that would arrive by Saturday – that is, if I was in Mattapoisett. As soon as I put Ballard’s address in, it went to Wednesday or Thursday of next week. That’s a no go.

As I was walking by Breezy I noticed guys working on one of their rental cars and I thought – “Breezy will know where I can find wipers!”

She did. She said “I order them on from County Auto on the mainland and pick em up at the ferry freight office. Here’s the number…

I immediately called them placed my order. I asked if they’d arrive by Saturday and he said “Saturday, they’ll be on the 3:45 or the 5:30 ferry this afternoon.

Thursday at Ballard’s Beach

In an effort to fully decompress from our “Deadliest Catch” close encounter, we headed over to Ballard’s Beach for some sun and boat drinks.

Every now and then someone has too many boat drinks.

Dinner Al Fresco

As I mentioned in my restaurant reviews for Block Island, one of my favorite spots has no name – it’s just the restaurant at the Surf Hotel.

Last night we sat on the back patio; practically on the beach.

Very pleasant and great food too! Mrs. Horne and I shared the Tempura Oyster Mushroom as an appetizer…

…and the Baked Haddock as an entree.

Both were stars in terms of taste, texture, and presentation.

John Brazile is King

As you may recall, Peter, Mary Lee, Mrs. Horne, and I spent last Friday night listening to John Brazile play acoustic pop and country.

Last night Rudy and I wandered over and watched John play almost all electric. He even played some Hendrix!

As a guitar player, I know how difficult it is to hold the rhythm of the song while ripping off little lead licks.

John does it with ease!

Can You Believe It!

Finally back at Vigilant after an action packed day, I watched my beloved Red Sox slam the Yankees and go 45 games over 500 for the first time EVAH!