Day Two of the Southern New England Tour was totally laid back.

Mrs. Horne and I took a brisk walk to New Harbor and then we all enjoyed breakfast at a new spot – the Tap and Grille at the National Hotel.

Fried Egg Sandwich
The National Omelet
Eggs Over Easy and Sausage

Everything was great and of particular note was Mrs. Horne’s Banana Almond French Toast, which was more like a dessert than a breakfast.

Yep, that’s whipped cream!

After buying yet-another Block Island t-shirt, I picked up my new windshield wipers at the ferry freight office. They installed effortlessly and I’m happy to report Vigilant is fit to go to sea once again.

Beach Day (again)

I guess this has become a habit! But what else are you going to do when it’s 85 and very, very, humid?

The combination of boat drinks and ocean breezes tend to get everyone moving!

Mrs. Horne had a tough time deciding what boat drink to go with…

The verdict ended up being Frozen Margaritas. By the way, the center Tiki Hut is the only one that has a blender.


I’ve seen this boat sporting all sorts on Heineken graphics all over New England. The first time was in Sandwich…

I also saw it last Saturday at the West Wind Marina in Newport.

Yesterday it was off the coast of Ballard’s Beach…

I finally googled it and discovered that it’s part of a contest. You upload a photo of the boat and the lucky winner gets a ride on the boat.

Quiet Evening

We visit Block Island in early August so we can see my cousins – the Tavilla family. Last night Sharon stopped by.

Tonight I’m hoping to see her Danny and Chelsea. Danny promised a new IPA for me to try.

Dinner at Kimberly’s

We decided to try a new spot for dinner last night. It’s called Kimberly’s after the owner/chef. It’s very popular and currently #1 on yelp.

She was the chef at Dead Eye Dicks for years and now she has a place of her own.

There are tables inside, but on a balmy night in August, outside was the place to be.

The food was spectacular. Mrs. Horne and I shared the Teriyaki Pot Stickers as an appetizer…

And the Steak Au Poivre as our entree.

No Cause for Alarm

Right after we got back to Vigilant, an alarm went off. I shut down all the power, but it kept screeching.

I called Joyce Richards at BYS and she said it was a bilge pump failure alarm.

I then called Ned at MBY hoping to find out how to kill it. He said to bang on the pumps to try to knock a float loose. No luck.

Then this guy Neal came on board from another boat and said he could fix it. He opened the helm enclosure and cut the wire that powered the alarm. And with that the alarm stopped!

Just another little thing that went wrong for no good reason…

Rudy in the House

The girls turned in while Rudy and I returned to Ballard’s to see John Brazile.

I did a duet of The Weight with John and Rudy played harp on Heart of Gold.

Everyone loved it!

Seeya tomorrow…