Into each life some rain must fall…

After two days at the beach, I was ready for a cloudy day. I got that and more.

Mrs. Horne and I got our morning power walk in while it was still dry. It was crazy over in New Harbor thanks to a bicycle road race that closed down the only major intersection in that end of the island.

I did bring some cash along to buy Mrs. Horne a donut at Payne’s, but due to the lack of variety, she passed.

Rude George at The Oar

I served breakfast on Vigilant and everyone hung out and read in the morning. It was starting to rain when we left to find a taxi over to New Harbor.

I had selected The Oar because of it’s an open air bar and restaurant. Once we arrived, we we’re assaulted by a rude employee named George. This was my second encounter with this clown and after torching him on yelp, I said “never again will I visit The Oar.”

Let me cut to the chase. We arrived at The Oar about 1:00 and the wait to eat was 2 1/2 hours!

Our cab driver told us Kimberly had just opened a new restaurant at Champlain’s – the next marina over, so decided to try it.

From The Oar, it looked to be 1,000 feet away so Mrs. Horne said “let’s walk”.

Nothing is as it seems. It turned out to be a mile walk and along the way the sky opened up and we got hit by a tropical typhoon.

Kimberly’s Nirvana

Eventually we arrived at The Block Island Oyster Bar and Grill.

I was delighted to see a few tables open, but my eyes were instantly drawn to the bar and its view of New Harbor. I knew we’d made the right decision!

No sooner did we sit down and Mrs. Horne spotted Kimberly…

She’s a delightful woman and a long time foodie on Block Island. We complemented her on the Steak Au Poivre we’d enjoyed the night before at her main restaurant and she said “My husband the chef made that for me two days before we got married 34 years ago. It’s been my favorite ever since.”

We sat at her bar and watched the weather pass.

Eventually we ate lunch. I’ll do a full review later, but in the meantime let me suggest Kimberly’s take on Oysters Rockefeller.

Pay It Forward

Around 3:00 we decided it was time to get back to Vigilant. We went to grab a cab and the people who were already waiting said “we’re going back to Old Harbor if you want to join us.”

Patricia, Mike, and Linda

When we got to Old Harbor, Mike wouldn’t let us pay. He picked up our cab fare. So nice..,

Tavillas On Deck

Despite the rain, we hosted the Tavilla’s for cocktails and Hors D’ourves.

In addition to my cousin Sharon, her son Danny, Chelsea, Ernies’s son Michael, and his friend Jake had all joined us.

Chelsea and Danny
My cousin Ernie’s son Michael and his friend Jake

Rudy Does Vito

Mrs. Horne wanted pasta so we went to Block Island’s Best Italian restaurant- Aldo’s for dinner.

Rudy was stationed in Italy when he was in the Navy and his Italian isn’t half bad. Even better is his impersonation of The Godfather – Vito Corleone.

Rudy decided to pull a fast one on our server Christina and place his order in full Vito character mode…

I love the look on Christina’s face as she took the order.

Our meals were excellent. I think I’ve already reviewed Aldo’s, but I will update it down the road.

Meanwhile, here’s a few photos of our spectacular dishes.

After dinner, the owner Anna came over and introduced herself.

What’s not to love about Anna? She’s a devout Christian and she’s been serving great Italian food on Block Island for 41 years.

On the way out we caught a server preparing an order of The Wheel tableside.

It’s available as a dinner for two or just an appetizer. I’ll definitely try it next time.

Best Bakery on Block Island

Right next to Aldo’s is their bakery. It felt like Mikes in the North End of Boston.

Rudy bought some connoli’s which I’m looking forward to enjoying tonight on Long Island.

That Creepy Guy Dancing by Himself

As always, we ended the night with John Brazile at Ballard’s. I sang a couple of songs and Rudy played harp on another.

One thing you can count on at Ballard’s is some creepy guy dancing by himself.

I can’t imagine why none of the women would dance with him. Could it be the sunglasses, the bathing suit, or maybe he’d have better luck if found his shirt!

Today we set sail for Montauk New York. We’re going to take the northern route and snap some photos of the Block Island Windmills.