After 4 great days on Block Island, we headed south for Vigilant’s first visit to New York and Montauk on Long Island.

We stayed at The Montauk Marine Basin which is just south of Gosman’s as you enter the harbor.

Once we tied up on their straight wharf, we headed over to The Clam and Chowder House at Salivars Dock (4 stars on Yelp).

One of their specialties is the Soft-shelled Crab sandwich so I tried it with a Cleansing Ale…

Tiger Shark!

Montauk is all about fishing. The MMB is home to a lot of commercial and sport fishing boats.

After lunch, Mrs. Horne and her sister Gail toured the docks just in time to see a commercial crew bring in a 409 pound Tiger Shark.

The crew from The Cryer even gave her a couple of steaks to take home and taste.

Lynn’s Hula Hut

I think the best attraction of the MMB is the Tiki Bar near the entrance. It’s called Lynn’s Hula Hut after the owner Lynn Calvo.

I did a separate review already that you can find here.

After the show we had a great dinner at the Gray Lady before turning in for the night.

Downtown Breakfast

We got up early and decided to check out downtown. There is a free shuttle called The Hopper, but it doesn’t operate before 10:00 so we hailed down a cab that took us to town for $25.

We had a great “old school” breakfast at Mr. Johns Pancake House.

Watch Hill RI

After breakfast we set off for our next stop on the Connecticut – Rhode Island border.

Watch Hill is not an easy spot to reach in a larger boat. You enter the Stonington Connecticut Harbor and then take a right down a very narrow channel for about 15 minutes.

Although the entrance was a total pain, Watch Hill was well worth it.

We stayed at The Docks, which right next to the Yacht Club.

Having enjoyed a big breakfast, we decided to just hang out on Vigilant’s aft deck and watch the day go by.

My nephew Danny had given me a couple of rare craft IPA’s in Block Island and I decided it was the perfect time to try one on my clean palette.

It’s called the Greater Good IPA from Worcester Massachusetts. It was very good, but at 8% alcohol and 16 ounces, you’re not going be having much more than one.

5 Star Dining at Watch Hill

If you’re ever looking for a true 5 Star Resort experience, in Rhode Island, you have to check out The Ocean House.

It sits high atop Watch Hill overlooking the ocean.

They offer a couple of dining options. The most scenic is The Veranda.

The view is spectacular, but the menu is mostly appetizers and sandwiches so we opted for The Bistro.

I had called earlier to make a reservation and they told me they didn’t take reservations. They told us to get there early and we shouldn’t have a problem.

We arrived around 6:15 PM (on a Monday) and despite the empty restaurant, they told us they were booked for the night.

As we trudged out the front door for the Olympic Tea Room, the manager came up and said “we just got a cancellation and we can seat you.”

This place is a very pricey hotel (I checked it out online and all that was available that night was a “Standard Suite” for $1,620/night.)

My guess is that they hold a table in The Bistro for every guest (hence the “fully booked” status). At around 5:30, the call each guest and ask them “when they’d like to dine in The Bistro.” If they say they have other plans, a table opens up for schmoes like us!

Anyway, it’s well worth the effort to get a table at The Bistro.

Our server was named Dean from Jamaica. He had that wonderful accent and delivered 5 star service.

As you might expect, even a simple Gin and Tonic is prepared in a memorable way.

The beautiful tall glass was delivered with gin and ice. A small bottle of Fever Tree tonic is on the side. My friend Steve King and my son in law Brian would love this place.

Needless to say, our meals were outstanding as well…

Fruit Di Mare
Steak Frites (with a 15 ounce NY Strip)
Filet Mignon with 4 steak sauces
Au Gratin Potatoes

Surprisingly, the prices were quite reasonable. My Steak Frites was $30.

After dinner we walked down the hill (Watch Hill) just in time to catch a breathtaking sunset.

Homeward Bound

We had considered adding a 7th day to our trip and visiting our friend Carol Byers in Warwick, but the steady heat had brought in threats of thunder storms so we decided to make the 75 mile run home on Tuesday morning.

Riders On The Storm

As I leave you with this story about Vigilant’s southern New England tour, I’d like to debut my latest MBB Video.

We made two trips to Block Island on this tour and both were in extreme conditions. In fact, one crew member hurled on each trip.

Unfortunately, my little iPhone 7 Plus doesn’t accurately portray the 8-10 foot monster waves we were in, but I still think you get the feel.

Here you go, set to The Doors dark hit Riders on the Storm…

Until next time,