Someone once said “the only thing better than having a boat is having a friend who has a boat.”

I’m not sure that’s really true, but when you consider all the money we spend fixing every little thing, the thousands of dollars we burn in fuel, and the hundreds of hours expended cleaning (cleaning the head), you have to admit boat ownership is a labor of love.

On the other hand, going out in your friends boat is completely different. It’s pretty much carefree; just sit back, let the wind blow though your hair, and since you know that nothing important is going to be expected of you, you can suck down as many beers as you like.

I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams while my brother Mark’s life went down a different path. Although we both grew up on the water, we don’t see each much anymore. He lives in Connecticut and he’s a chef – which means he works like a dog and seldom has a weekend off.

My beautiful picture
Mark and I enjoying his birthday a few years back…

The Birthday Cruise

About 4 years ago I came up with idea of taking Mark and some of his childhood friends out on the boat for a day to celebrate his summer birthday.

Mark gets to leaves his cares at home for a few hours and we all get to catch up on our adult lives.

Here’s a couple of photos of past trips…

The 2018 Cruise

I took Mark out yesterday and due to a variety of schedule conflicts, we had no childhood friends on board – just me and my little brother.

I know Mark craves Fried Clams on his birthday, so I scoped out a few possible lunch destinations and let Mark make the final pick.

He picked one of my favorites – The Fisherman’s View in Sandwich. He said he loved the scenery running up he canal – who doesn’t?

I had Mark do a little time behind the helm on the way there…

Mark at the Helm

As I said, Mark selected the Cape Cod Canal because of the scenery. He wasn’t disappointed as we passed the Nantucket Light Ship powering north…

I know Mark loved the boat ride, but I think he may have loved the Fried Clam Plate at The F/V a tad more…

Mark's Fried Clams

If you too are blessed and own a boat, don’t sell short the priceless gift you can give your friends and loved ones by simply asking them to join you for a day on the sea…

Happy Birthday Mark!