This morning we hiked the entire 5 mile Cliff Walk around the Mansions of Newport (report to follow).

We also walked back to downtown for a total of 7-8 miles and when the clock struck “5:00 Somewhere”, we stopped at The Deck for some Middletown Oysters and a couple of Boat Drinks.

Much to our delight, the live entertainment was a group named ANAMCARA.

They’re a lovely young couple who are engaged to be married in 2020. They’ve been together for 6 years and they’re both Vegan!

They’re in their 20’s and don’t know many of my favorite songs, but they’re big on Jack Johnson and John Mayer – two of my daughter Natalie’s favorites.

I told them about her and they asked for requests. I texted her and she gave me a few.

Then they dedicated the rest of the set to my little Kitten, so of course I had to create an MBB Video!

Hope you like it…