We’re in Newport celebrating Labor Day.

Rudy suggested we complete The Cliff Walk Saturday morning and since we were planning on eating well, the 5+ mile hike sounded like an excellent idea!

We took uber to the entrance at Easton’s Beach (175 Memorial Boulevard if you want to the same). It was just 7 bucks.

It was the Saturday of Labor Day weekend so it was a bit crowded, but not bad.

The MBB Video

As you know, I love shooting video clips on my iPhone 7+ and creating little music videos.

I did one commemorating our Cliff Walk – hope you like it!

Watching Navy “Seals”

You may have noticed a bunch of folks swimming at the end of the video.

We walked most of the way with a group of young men and women from the local Navy Base (I think it’s mostly Naval Intelligence).

At the end of the walk most of them jumped in the ocean. Mrs Horne approached these four sitting on the rocks and said “I didn’t know you were Navy Seals.”

The politely laughed…